B2 – Fenice returns to the field and hits the mark: Roma beaten in 3 sets

B2 – Fenice returns to the field and hits the mark: Roma beaten in 3 sets
B2 – Fenice returns to the field and hits the mark: Roma beaten in 3 sets

PHOENIX Carulli 10, Taglione, Carpio 1, Masciullo 5, Martinez 4, Meneguzzo 16, Mariani, Battistelli, Di Francesco, D’Annibale, Marku, Conradi, Cavallieri (L) COACH Giovannetti

ROMA Voices 1, Finizio (L), Picchi (L2), Di Stefano 1, Sega, Romanelli, D’Adamo 1, Mennella 3, Nuzzo 1, India6, Iannicelli 12, Valerio 5, Piombi, Miceli COACH Tarquini

REFEREES Antonelli and Ciampanella

Partial NOTES 25-21; 25-22; 25-14

La Fenice returns to victory by beating Roma Volley 3-0 and winning the coveted 2nd place in group L2. A fundamental victory for the blackorange, who return to play within the friendly walls of PalaFerretti after an absence of almost two months, a success that gives courage and hope after this forced stop. So removed that Volley Friends who had beaten the blackorange on February 13 and which instead had to suffer the defeat by Rome on the penultimate day; same points (8) but a greater number of victories for the Fenice (3) which can thus celebrate the 2nd place behind the undisputed leaders Pomezia. The victory for the home team was never questioned, always in command in all the sets and who was able to gradually regain confidence with the field thanks to careful choices of the two technicians Giovannetti and Rocco, who made all the athletes on the field ‘turn’ so as not to tire them too much after the stop. The girls responded in the best possible way, building a good chemistry each time on the pitch and acting as a team on each occasion, helping and supporting each other in every exchange. Several long exchanges during the match that, beyond the individual outcomes, highlighted the feeling between the athletes on the field, each of whom ‘made his own’ by supporting the next shot of their teammates. Roma, also back from a long period of stoppage, did its best to counter the opponents but failed to keep the reception and in attack was able to find effectiveness only with Iannicelli and in Valerio in the second place, often resulting in obvious and foul. The Fenice benefited from it, good at managing long exchanges and more balanced in all situations; all the athletes in the field gave their contribution by giving the director Masciullo the opportunity to manage and vary the game, without giving reference points to the opponents. Excellent work by Meneguzzo and Carulli in attack, good Conradi and Marku who were ready in the third set, effective Mariani on the wall, in the service in evidence Battistelli and Masciullo, solid Cavallieri in the second row.

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