Martinenghi does not stop, Italian record in the 50 frog! Waiting for Pilate and Pilgrims – OA Sport

Martinenghi does not stop, Italian record in the 50 frog! Waiting for Pilate and Pilgrims – OA Sport
Martinenghi does not stop, Italian record in the 50 frog! Waiting for Pilate and Pilgrims – OA Sport

9.38: The first part of the morning of the third day of the Riccione Absolutes ended with a bang with the extraordinary time of Martinenghi in the 50 breaststroke. The session regarding women’s heats is scheduled from 11, thank you for following us. See you later

9.36: These are the finalists of the 50 frog: Martinenghi, Pinzuti, Cerasuolo, Poggio, Maiorana, Castello, Pinca, Viberti

9.34: ITALIAN RECORD OF NICOLO ‘MARTINENGHI IN THE 50 FROGS! 26 ″ 47: fourth world performance all time. What form for the Lombard frogman, second place for Cerasuolo who obtains the minimum for the European juniors with 27 ″ 54

9.33: Alessandro Pinzuti with 27 ″ 35 wins the third battery in front of Maiorana in 27 ″ 99

9.32: Federico Poggio in 27 ″ 79 wins the second battery in front of Castello and Viberti

9.31: Stefano Saladini in 28 ″ 79 wins the first battery of the 50 breaststroke

9.28: These are the finalists of the 200 freestyle: De Tullio, Proietti Colonna, Zuin, Megli, Ciampi, Freri, Di Cola, Ballo

9.27: Ciampi wins the fourth battery in 1’49 “20 in front of Freri (1’49” 38), Di Cola (1’49 “38) and Ballo (1’49” 61), all qualified for the final

9.26: At 100 meters of the fourth battery Ballo, Ciampi, Di Cola

9.24: Matteo Zuin wins in comeback in 1’48 “89, ahead of Megli (1’49” 01), third Frigo in 1’49 “85

9.23: At the 100 of the third battery Megli, Zuin, Frigo

9.21: Marco De Tullio with 1’48 “48 wins in the second battery ahead of Proietti Colonna (1’48” 89) and Galossi (1’51 “18)

9.20: De Tullio, Proietti Colonna, Nicotra at 100 meters of the second heat

9.18: In the first battery of the 200 freestyle, Giovanni Gallina wins with 1’51 ″ 43

9.16: These are the finalists of the 100 butterfly: Codia, Condorelli, Burdisso, Ferraro, Razzetti, Rivolta, Ceccon, Valsecchi

9.15: Matteo Rivolta in comeback wins the fourth battery in 53 ″ 14 ahead of Ceccon (53 ″ 22) and Valsecchi (53 ″ 34)

9.13: Piero Codia’s clear affirmation in the third battery: 52 ″ 19 for him, second place for Razzetti in 52 ″ 97 and Stefanì (53 ″ 50)

9.12: Condorelli with 52 ″ 30 wins the second battery of the 100 butterfly ahead of Burdisso 852 ″ 59) and Ferraro (52 ″ 62)

9.10: In the first battery of the 100 butterfly the success goes to Ettore Nanetti in 54 ″ 88

9.08: These are the finalists of the 100 men’s back: Sabbioni, Ciccarese, Restivo, Brunella, Mora, Alessandro, Baffi, Turchi

9.06: Simone Sabbioni dominates the fourth battery of the 100 backstrokes with a time of 54 ″ 42

9.04: Lorenzo Mora wins the third battery with 55 ″ 53 ahead of Turchi and Milli

9.01: Cristopher Ciccarese imposes himself in the second battery with 54 ″ 72 in front of Restivo (54 ″ 99) and Brunella (55 ″ 08)

8.59: The first battery of the 100 backstrokes Mattia Morello in 57 ″ 06 wins

8.56: The heats of the 50 women backstroke with favorite Silvia Scalia and the 200 freestyle women with Federica Pellegrini in the pool are also scheduled

8.53: In the women’s field we start with the preliminaries of the 100 breaststroke, followed by the 100 butterfly where the usual duel is expected, hopefully on high levels, between Di Liddo and Bianchi

8.51: Following are the 200 men freestyle who could qualify for the final seven of the eight athletes who could be eligible for the 4 × 200 relay. Here, too, a very tough fight is expected. In closing, Nicolò Martinenghi returns to the pool who will try to amaze even in the 50 breaststroke

8.48: We start with the 100 men backstroke: Simone Sabbioni goes hunting for the pass for Tokyo, followed by the 100 butterfly men with the three-way fight between the veterans Rivolta and Codia and the young Burdisso

8.46: As always, the program includes two morning heat sessions: the first at 9 with the men’s heats, the second at 11 with the women’s heats

8.44: The race of the day could be the 100 breaststroke. All three stars of this specialty are at the start, Benedetta Pilato is aiming for the second title after the one she won in December, Martina Carraro is aiming for the time limit for Tokyo and Arianna Castiglioni is an unknown factor, given that she has just come out of the Covid nightmare and certainly could not finalize the preparation for this event

8.42: A day full of emotions awaits us with many assaults on the Olympic card by the top athletes of the blue movement. The spotlights are focused in particular on Federica Pellegrini, who is looking for access to her eighth Olympics in “her” 200 freestyle

8.40: Good morning to the friends of OA Sport and welcome to the live broadcast of the third day of the spring swimming Absolutes in Riccione

The competition program (April 2)The deadlines for TokyoThe possible Olympic cards race by race – The chronicle of the first day (March 31) – The pagellone of the second day (1 April) – The chronicle of the second day (1 April)

Hello and welcome back to LIVE LIVE on the third day of the spring swimming Absolutes. In Riccione, the Italian athletes are called upon to obtain high-level results in order to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

Also on day-3 the batteries will be divided into two sessions, differentiating by gender, in order to minimize the risks related to Covid-19 (starting at 9 and 11). Eight races scheduled, all very interesting: from challenge Ceccon-Sabbioni, the first already qualified for Tokyo, the second chasing the second Olympic qualification, in the men’s 100 backstroke, to the one between Rivolta and Codia, with the possible intrusion of Burdisso, in the 100 butterfly. From the 50 breaststroke that will see a Martinenghi in great shape at the start, up to the championship race: the 200 freestyle with a lot of top-level starters that will be used by Dt Butini as the first indication for the 4 × 200 freestyle relay.

Fireworks are expected in the 100 breaststroke women, with Benedetta Pilato, already qualified, who wants to reaffirm her leadership, and the challenge not on equal terms between a Martina Carraro who is hunting for qualification for Tokyo and an Arianna Castiglioni which has just come out of the Covid nightmare and will try to keep the door open for a possible repechage. There is Federica Pellegrini who wants to seal her eighth Olympic presence in the 200 style: for her the time limit should be little more than a formality. Two-way challenge between Di Liddo and Bianchi in the 100 butterfly, with the latter on the hunt for his fourth Olympic qualification and finally Silvia Scalia will try to remove the pass for the Europeans in the 50 backstroke, which are his favorite hunting ground.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE on the third day of the Spring Swimming Absolutes: real-time news and constant updates. It starts at 09.00 with the double session of heats, while the finals are scheduled at 17.30. Have fun!

Photo: LaPresse

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