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Damon Hill believes that Max Verstappen he did not play his cards best in the duel with Lewis Hamilton in the final stages of the Bahrain Grand Prix, the opening appointment of the Formula 1 World Championship. The 1996 world champion also speaks from the top of his experience, who in the three-year period 1994-1995-1996 lived a sporting rivalry, slipped into a mutual dislike, with Michael Schumacher. With the German, both in Benetton and in Ferrari, he had many clashes on and off the track: emblematic of Adelaide’s turn, which in fact gave the Kaiser the first title.

F1 | Adelaide ’94: Schumacher’s first world championship 25 years ago

Verstappen enjoyed the battle until he got close and had the DRS to his advantage. Then ruined his overtaking opportunities. The Dutchman will come out of this duel with the feeling that Hamilton will not make things easy for him. He will have to work very hard to overtake Lewis on the trackDamon Hill told the podcast of F1 Nation. “On the other hand, Hamilton has always been exceptional and it’s good to see him at the top when he needs it. However, in recent years it was not necessary to be 100% to win. In recent seasons it has been said that he won because he had the fastest car, now Lewis really needs to show everyone that he has an edge. It will be interesting to see the rest of the season“Hill explained in closing.

As is known, Max Verstappen he tried to overtake at Turn 4 in Bahrain, with only a few laps to go. However, the Dutchman had to lift his foot, under input from the race direction, because the maneuver took place exceeding the track limits of the curve, with the Dutchman taking advantage of it. Which Hamilton did several times in the race (and was warned by the same management not to repeat the maneuver again), without being punished. One thing is certain: Verstappen could have waited for a more propitious moment, with a little more clarity.


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