Suning unleashed. And the Nerazzurri joker can come out of the deck

In recent days in Italy the perception has changed, tending towards the negative, about Suning, also accomplices in the payment of the fees and the launch of the new logo which reaffirms a wide-ranging and futurist project decidedly in disagreement with the theory that the Nanking giant would like to throw in the towel on the Nerazzurri front. What happened with ol will not happen Jiangsu, abandoned by the Zhang family for two simple but fundamental reasons: the veto on the use of the Suning brand linked to the team (with repercussions on the business) and the lack of interest on the part of the government for this type of investment, once the enthusiasm for football is exhausted. IS Jindong, which has a politically important role, had to accept the change of course from Beijing, while exposing itself to criticism for the way it closed its doors to the CSL champion team.

Inter, however, from Suning’s point of view, it is by no means irrelevant. Indeed, it is one of the strategic assets to develop one’s business also in the West. For this reason, after having completed some financial transactions that ensured liquidity for the group, the Zhang family is also focusing on agreements that could concern the Nerazzurri club, especially in the sponsorship item. It is no mystery in fact that after the announced farewell of Pirelli to the main position on the jersey, the arrival of a is expected new brand that can collect the inheritance and give a decidedly superior financial support. In this sense, in recent days the Zhang family has met with representatives of various important companies, making new business contacts or strengthening those already in place. It is the case of Hisense, EA Sports, Honor, Oppo, Is more, Huawei e Xiaomi. The partnership with Samsung. These are big brands, at the top of their segment and among them there could be the new main sponsor of Inter.

A little patience will still be needed, probably the new partner will be announced in conjunction with Steven Zhang’s return to Milan in the coming days. What is certain is that with the numerous meetings and agreements in this period Suning has confirmed its weight in China despite the economic difficulties deriving from the pandemic. And it is also excellent news for Inter.



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