Milanmania: sponsor? There are other contracts to be signed. A growing salary is good, not an excuse | First page

Milanmania: sponsor? There are other contracts to be signed. A growing salary is good, not an excuse | First page
Milanmania: sponsor? There are other contracts to be signed. A growing salary is good, not an excuse | First page

It will not bring points in the standings, it will not help to win games, but another incisive sign that Milan are returning to their levels is the signing of the agreement with BMW. After the end of the sponsorship with Audi, the complicated, difficult and sticky years in the field can certainly be compared to the unsatisfactory results in terms of sponsorships. The signing with BMW therefore represents the return to that fascination that the Rossoneri club has always exercised on the market.
There are certainly other contracts that the Milan fans would like to have signed in this period of rumors, counter-rumors, rumors and hypotheses. Weeks go by, but, despite the many murmurs, very little indeed almost nothing, seems to have changed as regards the negotiations with Gigio Donnarumma and Hakan Calhanoglu. I repeat for positions. Milan, not yesterday, but already a few months ago, has sent an offer of 8 million euros, including bonuses for the goalkeeper. The 30% higher to the previous one. He hasn’t had an answer yet, but the request seems to be fluctuating from 10 to 12 million. The duration of the contract or any fees has not yet been discussed. Everything is still here, always waiting for a possible sign from the agents of Donnarumma, but Milan want to find any solution before the European Championship.

Calhanoglu question. Even in the case of the Turkish player, the Milan leaders have increased the previous engagement by 30%, bringing it to 4 million euros until 2025. The meetings with Gordon Stipic, Agent of Hakan, were interlocutors. It seems that the number 10 from Milan does not want to drop below 5 million, some even speak of 6 million, but under these conditions it will be difficult to reach an agreement. Both, another recurring voice, would not want to leave Milan, but with this difference between supply and demand, for now, there are no glimmers. Issues that, I repeat, will be resolved only at the end of the season.

We come to the contracts expiring in 2022. Per Calabria, now at € 1.1 million, it should close at € 2 million, well deserved for one of the most positive defenders in the league. He would also like double, even more than double, Franck Kessie, who would claim to be equated, as an engagement, with the strongest European midfielders. From 2.2 to over 4 million. Very high difference, but no solutions seem to exist for the plenipotentiaries of the market. Kessie must be absolutely confirmed, but they will not be easy encounters.Finally, we come to Alessio Romagnoli, today with a 3.5 million euro contract. We read about one request for 6 million, which frankly seems unacceptable for the Rossoneri’s coffers. I have not elaborated on the matter, but it seems difficult to believe in such an indiscretion. It were so, but I repeat I do not want to believe it, it would not be a request, but almost a provocation. Personally I hope a solution is found, because selling Romagnoli, in addition to its value and experience, would mean being forced to go to the market to acquire another left foot defender. Very rare goods at bearable prices. Milan could certainly go on a young player, but already with Cage and maybe Tomori, better to count on an experienced defender to work alongside Kjaer. Stefano Pioli already has him in pink and his name is Alessio Romagnoli.

Final consideration. The increase in the amount of wages is certainly not positive for the budget, but it can have a very rewarding implication. In fact, it would mean that the players are raising their value and that they are protagonists in a European AC Milan, back to the top where its history and its Blazon want. Low salaries often equate to no cups and trophies. Thanks, already given!

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