The probable formations of Bologna-Inter: De Vrij doubt, Ranocchia in the lead

Here are the latest on Bologna v Inter from our correspondents:

▪ Bologna v Inter – Saturday 3 April, 8.45 pm, Renato Dall’Ara stadium
▪ Arbitrator Piero Giacomelli, of the Trieste section
▪ Standings: Bologna 34 points, Inter 65 points
▪ Live TV by Sky Sport

HOW BOLOGNA ARRIVES – Immediately after the national break, Mihajlovic’s Bologna is awaited by a sparkling advance against the best attack in the league. In fact, Inter will arrive at the Dall’Ara stadium on Saturday evening and the rossoblù team is called to a great performance. In the 11 who will take the field from the 1st minute, it is likely the ownership of the young goalkeeper Ravaglia who could have a new chance given the absence of Skorupski, still in isolation in Poland due to Covid. In defense Mihajlovic should confirm the quartet formed by Tomiyasu, Danilo, Soumaoro and Dijks, while in the middle Schouten will be joined by one between Dominguez and Svanberg, with the Swede who could take over once the match has begun given the different commitments played with the national team. Palacio will not be in the challenge, disqualified, so Barrow will return to play the role of first striker. Behind him should be Skov Olsen, fresh from a brace with the national team, Soriano and Sansone. Not to be excluded, however, the ownership of Orsolini who worked intensely during the week in Casteldebole. Unavailable Hickey, Skorupski, Santander.

HOW INTER ARRIVES – The Nationals brought great responses to Antonio Conte, ready for the final sprint in search of the Scudetto. De Vrij returned negative at Covid, but Ranocchia could still go in his place, with Skriniar and Bastoni, in front of Captain Handanovic’s goal. Another doubt is in the middle of the field and falls on the left half-winger where Gagliardini seems to be on pole today compared to Eriksen. Then all the same with Brozovic in the direction and Barella on his right, on the wings confirmed Hakimi and Perisic, scoring with his Croatia. Ahead of the starting tandem: Lukaku will be supported by Lautaro Martinez.


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