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Scandal in Serbia: 15 months in prison for the referee for a disputed penalty

‘Scandalous’ penalty in 2018: referee sentenced to 15 months in prison in Serbia

Jagodina referee Srdjan Obradovic was sentenced to 15 months in prison for abuse of office in the match between Spartak Subotica and Radnicki Nis, played on May 13, 2018 in Subotica. Obradović had conceded a penalty in the 59th minute after the contrast between Čečarić, a Spartak player, and Stanković, a Radnički player, turned into a goal by Nikolić in favor of Spartak. In that match he then indicated the penalty spot for the second time in the 79th minute. Nikolic scored again, but it was not clear to anyone what Jagodina’s referee saw. Everyone called it a “scandalous” penalty. Following this, Obradović also sent off Milan Pavkov, the then Radnički player, who was called for trial as a witness. The referee showed Milan Pavkov two yellow cards in just two minutes. The referee’s testimony: “When I awarded a penalty for the hosts, Pavkov reacted by saying,” What are you playing monkey. “As I recorded the information on the yellow card in my notebook, I was indignant, too. if I told him to let me do my job. However, Pavkov continued to protest and, as I left, he said: “You really are a monkey, what are you judging,” Obraović said in the courtroom, “After that, for the second time in the 10-15 second interval, I showed him the yellow card again and then the red one, “he told the judge.

Speaking of the contested penalty, Obradović said he saw that one of Radnički’s players had touched the ball with his hand, and that this information was confirmed to him by his assistant in that match. It was a match in the penultimate round of the 2017/18 season, which had a direct impact on qualifying for the Europa League. Obradović awarded the Subotica hosts two controversial penalties, pushing them to a 2-0 victory. According to the first instance verdict of the Special Department for the Prevention of Corruption in Novi Sad, Obradović has been imposed a measure that prohibits him from carrying out judicial functions or any other work in the Serbian Football Association (FSS) for the next ten years. The first instance sentence in Novi Sad against the referee Srdjan Obradovic also entails imprisonment for 15 months.

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