Swimming. Absolute, Martinenghi records the 100 frog Fede takes the 100 sl in 53 “86

At the Tricolori the blue signs an extraordinary 58 ”37, the third best time in history. Pellegrini confirms the times he swam in Marseille and hits his 128th tricolor title. Paltrinieri improves on 800 with 7’41 ”96

Nicolò Martinenghi king of the frog: in 58 “37 (27” 28) he becomes the fastest man, also of the British Adam Peaty: a great time, obviously an Italian record improved from 58 “75 on 12 December 2019, but above all the third time of history. Only the record of the English Olympian of 56 “88 and the 58” 29 of the Belarusian Shymanovich are times faster than that of Tete who beats Pinzuti 59 “72 and Poggio 59” 92. Alessandro Miressi tames the 100 sl in 48 ”34 after a pass at 22” 95. The time limit is 48 ”2 and Miressi has just returned from Covid. Beaten Thomas Ceccon 48 “50 and Manuel Frigo 48” 83, fourth Lorenzo Zazzeri 48 “92. Magnini first in the consolation final in 49 ”71. Finally Ilaria Cusinato wins the 200 dolphin in 2’09 ”75 and Margherita Panziera touches her Italian record of 59” 75 in 59 ”82.

Solid faith

Federica Pellegrini wins the 100 sl, returning with a solid 53 “86, an omen for her 200 tomorrow: Fede passes in 26” 01 and relaxes remaining on the standard of Marseille two weeks ago. Faith at almost 33 years old for her 128th flag beats the Apulian Chiara Tarantino born in 2003, 54 ”90 year old author and the Roman Silvia Di Pietro 54” 97. For two cents Federico Burdisso does not improve the Italian record stopped since 2019, but the Pavese deserves the pass already his and beats Alberto Razzetti 1’56 “10 and Giacomo Carini 1’57” 42. The 200 breaststroke women are by Francesca Fangio in 2’25 ”10, Lisa Angiolini at six cents and third Ilaria Togni in 2004 in 2’28” 83. For Fangio and Angiolini it is the European pass. Ditto in the 200 backstrokes for Lorenzo Mora author of 1’57 “23 in front of the European medalist Matteo Restivo from 1’57” 69, third the Roman Ciccarese 1’58 “44.

Gregory leader

Gregorio Paltrinieri asserts the rank of king of the world in the 800 freestyle and strengthens his leadership of the 2021 ranking by dominating in 7’41 “96. For Greg a very convincing proof from the first hundred (55” 10), a passage halfway through the race in 3’47 “96 and almost similar to that of the European record (of 7’39” 27) in 3’47 “16” and a completed monologue that earned him the third Olympic pass after 10 km and 1500. A Greg ready for the great challenge on all distances. Gabriele Detti on the other hand misses the time limit by 5 tenths but the 7’46 “58 has its relevance even if the Leghorn was not able in the second part to light up as he happens and touches me 7 ‘ 46 “clear. Greg was fresh, Gabri was a veteran of 3’44 in the 400. Third is Marco De Tullio in 7’50” 98 and fourth Acerenza in 7’53 “99. Simona Quadarella as Greg immediately after: passed in the 800 in 8’23 “77 for the world silver of the specialty and for 3 cents Martina Caramignoli misses the time trial. Third Giulia Salin 8’31” 35.

April 1, 2021 (change April 1, 2021 | 19:55)



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