Milanese defeated in extra time – OA Sport

Milanese defeated in extra time – OA Sport
Milanese defeated in extra time – OA Sport

We close our live here and thank you for following us.

Decisive for the Greeks were 17 points from Hezonja, but also 14 from Papapetrou and Papagiannis. In Milan, Vladimir Micov’s 15 points are not enough.

A knockout that jeopardizes the race for third place and that leads Milan to have to win in the next game to try to have the home factor in the quarters.

ENDS HERE! Milan suffered a sensational comeback from Panathinaikos and lost 86-83 in extra time.

Incredible Datome had the ball in the extra second after Papagiannis’ 0/2, but missed the equalizer

Milan tries to recover the ball, but fails. Cinciarini does a foul.

86-83 Three free of Datome. 18 seconds to go.

86-80 Triple by Micov. 40 seconds to go.

85-77 Two free by Micov.

85-75 Two more from Mack.

83-75 Mack finds two more points in penetration.

81-75 Two free of Datome. There are two minutes left.

81-73 Papapetrou puts a great triple. Two and a half minutes to go.

78-73 White with the +5 pad.

76-73 Two free by LeDay.

76-71 Triple also by Mack.

73-71 Only one free for Tarczewski.

73-70 Triple incredibile di Hezonja.


Milan loses the ball on the throw-in. Throw-in for Pana. A second to finish.

70-70 Hezonja! Incredible basket on the Croatian side. A second to finish.

68-70 Only one free for Punter. Seven seconds to go.

Mack with a very precious mistake for Milan.

Shields misses the triple of the win.

68-69 Super crush of Papagiannis.

66-69 Two free from Shields. One minute to finish.

66-67 Papagiannis flies to rebound but then misses the free throw.

Punter misses a comfortable front triple.

64-67 Triple of White from the corner.

61-67 Crush of Papagiannis.

Two more attacks from Milan without scoring. Timeout in the match.

Milan practically does not score anymore. Four minutes to go.

59-67 Rodriguez’s splendid feint and glass support.

59-65 Bentil’s offensive rebound and basket.

57-65 Papapetrou basket with Broooks foul.

55-65 Super dunk by Tarczewski.

55-63 Papapetrou frontal triple.

52-63 Triple of Mack.

49-63 Two free by Shields.

49-61 Shields super basket

THE THIRD QUARTER ENDS! Panathinaikos try to shorten when entering in the last ten minutes.

49-59 White signs the 2/2 from the line.

46-59 Rodriguez again with magic for Tarczewski.

46-57 An excellent Tarczewski again tears the rebound and leans on the iron.

46-55 Only one free for Papapetrou.

45-55 Triple frontale di Hezonja. Il Pana torna sul -10.

40-55 Rodriguez with the “waiter” game

40-53 Triple by Micov.

40-50 Two free by Bentil.

38-50 Bentil scores with Brooks’ foul.

36-50 Basket from Punter’s free line.

36-48 Tripla di Papapetrou.

31-48 Super dunk by LeDay.

31-46 Bentil with the hook.


THE SECOND FOURTH ENDS! Olimpia is in total control in Athens!

29-46 RODRIGUEEEEEEEZ! The Spaniard burns the siren

29-44 Mitoglou’s solitary counterattack.

27-44 Rodriguez’s winning undercoat.

27-42 Nice basket by Papapetrou. One minute at the end of the quarter.

25-42 Bentil with the triple front.

22-42 Triple from the corner of LeDay.

22-39 Hines tears off the rebound and leans against the glass.

20-37 Tarczewski still takes a nice offensive rebound and leans on the iron.

20-35 Punter flies on the counterattack and scores +15.

20-33 Inside also the additional free.

19-33 Bentil scores with Brooks’ foul.

17-33 Amazing action from Milan and triple from Micov’s corner

17-30 Another magic by Rodriguez and another dunk by Tarczewski.

15-28 Dunk by Tarczewski after a raid by Rodriguez.

Tarczewski’s basket, which arrived after the sound of the siren, was canceled.

THE FIRST FOURTH ENDS! Domination of Milan in these first ten minutes with the Messina team that has already taken a good advantage.

15-28 TARCZEWSKI ON THE SIREN! Offensive rebound and own tap on the siren.

15-26 Hezonja also finds two comfortable points.

13-26 Easy penetration by Rodriguez

13-24 1/2 by Tarczewski from the line.

13-23 Hezonja reverse penetration.

9-23 Another triple from Milan! This time of Shields.

9-20 Triple from Nedovic. Three minutes to the end of the first quarter.

6-20 PUNTEEEEEEEEER! Milan immediately tries the decisive extension.

6-17 SHIELDS! Triple from the angle of the American.

6-14 2/3 from the line for Hezonja.

4-14 Placed by Micov. Perfect departure for Milan.



4-6 Place of Papagiannis.

2-6 LeDay finds the tap in flight.

2-4 Leaning against the glass by Micov.

2-2 Stopping and shooting by Kevin Punter, only the retina moves.

2-0 Super basket by Papagiannis.

20.00: IT BEGINS!

19.55: It’s time for the presentation of the two teams.

19.51: Milan also looks with interest to other matches and in particular to the one between Baskonia and Efes.

7.45pm: Ettore Messina’s words on today’s race “We enjoyed Belgrade’s victory which qualified us for the playoffs, but unfortunately there is no other time to celebrate as another difficult match awaits us right away, which is important in determining our position on the playoff grid. Attacking their defensive changes and rebounds will be the keys to be able to beat Panathinaikos, together with the recovery of energy which must be at the level appropriate to the difficulty of the commitment “

19.38: Olimpia is a veteran of Belgrade’s victory, while Panathinaikos was clearly defeated by Baskonia.

19.33: Milan has already centered the qualification for the playoffs, but must win to maintain fourth place (therefore the home factor in the quarterfinals) and also attack the third of Efes.

19.30: Good evening we begin the live broadcast of Panathinaikos-Olimpia Milano

The presentation of the match

Good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE of Panathinaikos-Olimpia Milano, match valid for the thirty-third day of the 2020-2021 Euroleague. After hitting the qualification for the playoffs, the Messina team now aims to have the home factor.

Milan broke the ticket for the playoffs thanks to the success in Belgrade against the Red Star. A clear victory for Olimpia who confirmed themselves in fourth place in the standings, but always on an equal footing with Fenerbahce and one success away from Efes, who will be Milan’s opponent on the last day next week. .

Precisely for this reason Olimpia must win in Athens against a Panathinaikos already eliminated, but who beat Milan in the first leg at the Forum. Attention will be needed and the Messina team must not have any missteps, because having the home factor in the quarter-finals challenge can be decisive for even dreaming of the Final Four.

The duo’s ball Panathinaikos-Olimpia Milan, match valid for the thirty-third day of the 2020-2021 Euroleague, is scheduled at 20.00. Have fun with OA Sport LIVE LIVE!

Credit Ciamillo

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