MotoGP. Marco Lucchinelli: I don’t have it with Valentino, but with those looking for alibis – MotoGP

MotoGP. Marco Lucchinelli: I don’t have it with Valentino, but with those looking for alibis – MotoGP
MotoGP. Marco Lucchinelli: I don’t have it with Valentino, but with those looking for alibis – MotoGP

They caused a sensation the words of Marco Lucchinelli, collected by Press and relaunched by many newspapers. Marco attacked directly whoever he always finds apologies for the disappointing performances of Valentino Rossi, but indirectly also the Doctor himself. Which – says Lucky – it was a Martian, a genius, but now he’s back on earth, has not won a race for more than three years e takes the bike away from a young man. I do not have it with him – said Lucky – but with those who continue to find excuses.

On the phone, his friend Lucchinelli answers immediately, even if he is busy doing the DAD with his twelve-year-old son, in sixth grade.

“From eight to two attached to the PC – Marco starts – and then in the afternoon to do his homework. What is the point of vaccinating teachers and then keeping schools closed? ”

Where do we start from?

From the commentary, I can’t take it anymore. And it’s the tires, it’s this and that, always looking for excuses for Valentino’s race: it hasn’t been for a day, it’s since 2009 that he hasn’t won a world championship and then when he loses he also becomes a bit unpleasant. To see his races I feel bad, for him and for the comment. I have to thank Melandri on DAZN, but I liked Biaggi too. These here who turn with racing bikes on the tracks, shouting inside the helmets: but I would understand if they make Doohan turn once, another Capirossi … They broke me.

But let’s stay on Rossi, doesn’t a great champion have the right to decide when is the right time to stop?

Of course, he has the right to continue and I have the right to have my say. And I say that Agostini, Lucchinelli and many others ended up in the newspapers when they arrived third or fourth. Here, however, he is Rossi and there is always an excuse.

But we also maintain that Michelin tires are a fundamental reason for his difficulties …

But the tires are those, there is no need to talk about what he would do with the Bridgestone. The single tire sucks to me too, but that is there and he has to adapt his driving to the tires that are there.

You say that Valentino takes the bike away from a young man. Do you have a particular name in mind?

For example, Quartararo deserved the factory bike well before. But then I don’t have to look for names, that’s why Pernat is there.

Marco Lucchinelli is this. He has been a friend of mine for almost fifty years, he is sincere and bread to bread. It deserves respect. Today on the road he rides a bike, with the bike he detached a little after the tragedy of his son Cristiano, but he also continues with the driving school together with Fausto Ricci. And speaking of respect and school, in closing it makes me laugh with an anecdote. He’s also angry with the federation, and from his point of view …

“To take the courses you have to be a federal technician and four years ago I became one: I filled out the forms, they also asked me for the results and I patiently wrote down what a federation should already know well. They made me take the course with the twenty-year-olds and I’m ashamed for them: not for the boys, for the federation. Federal technician? A world champion should be to honor, a federal technician. And the best part is that I’m a Legend, they say…”.

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