There are those who have (fake) young people. And who has strong young people

There are those who have (fake) young people. And who has strong young people
There are those who have (fake) young people. And who has strong young people
As I often say – and write – the beauty in football also lies in the subjectivity of the judgments expressed. Then there is always the green which is the only true and unappealable supreme judge. Everyone is clearly wrong. At least once in our life – even ten probably – we will have made a mistake on one or more players considered phenomena, when in reality they were half bins. Or vice versa: we would not have bet one euro on the newcomer and then it exploded. There is. Nobody is infallible. Even if watching as many games as possible, informing yourself about the athlete and studying their characteristics, it helps to clearly decrease the percentage of error.

In mathematics, however, nothing is subjective. Everything is objective. Numbers don’t lie. From here my question arises spontaneously. Why is Inter often talked about as an old team, while the rivals seem to be composed mostly of young people with high hopes who will surely have a brilliant career?

Let’s analyze some members of the Beloved. Bastoni is a class of ’99. All the insiders speak of him as a predestined. He is very successful in Inter and in the senior national team he is held in greater consideration – according to the latest matches – than the captain of Milan. In the world I don’t know how many at her age are doing so well.

Similar speech for Hakimi, who is perhaps already the best in the world in his role. Achraf is 22 years old, not nearly 33 like Cuadrado (who is very strong for me). In midfield stands Barella, who has already crossed the finish line of the 24 Springs. Not of the very first hair, but certainly Nicolò is not close to retirement. Let alone Lautaro, who is already established worldwide (ask Barcelona for confirmation) and will have at least 10-12 years ahead of him at very high levels. Speech that cannot touch – for obvious reasons – Ibra, Immobile, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dzeko, Mertens.

But be careful, because the other owners, with the exception of Handanovic and Perisic, are not over thirty. On the contrary: Skrinar is 26, De Vrij 29, Brozovic 28, Eriksen 29 and Lukaku 27. Does this seem like a base to be redone? Or one to be supported with targeted purchases? No, because it does not seem to me that the much acclaimed players of the rivals are stronger than the Nerazzurri ones, much less younger.

There are obviously some exceptions. On the bench, Inter has many experienced members and who certainly, unlike those mentioned above, will not be able to play until 2030. But elsewhere, or those who are not really young anymore are pretending to be very young. Or certain elements of the identity card – certainly very green – are enhanced without taking into account the real potential of the kid on duty.


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