For Pochesci ‘he is stronger than Tonali’, Ghion: “He doesn’t send them to say. He struck me a lot”

“Palmieri? For me he is like a father in the world of football.”

“I don’t understand the observers, he has many more qualities than Tonali”. So he expressed himself Sandro Pochesci its Andrea Ghion, Sassuolo midfielder, who spoke of the trust expressed by his coach to the microphones of “I made 3 appearances in Serie A, I didn’t have the opportunity to show off, from a certain point of view I ‘justify’ the observers. Speaking with Mr. De Zerbi I chose to go on loan. It’s okay with me. in C in Carpi and I’m demonstrating my qualities. I was looking for this: continuity, doing good performances to get back more ready. I was lucky. Mister Pochesci doesn’t send them to say, he is sanguine, he says what he thinks and when he did that ‘statement there struck me a lot because I felt that someone was aware of the sacrifices made “.

On the experience in Sassuolo: “The experience in Sassuolo made me grow as a man. I was in boarding school and met some real friends that I still hear, every day. I grew up at a football level year after year. I thank the coaches, each one of them. they gave me something, from a technical, tactical and also human point of view. Even the director Palmieri, who I had in Parma and took me to Sassuolo, I consider him a father in the world of football. ”


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