Dossier Commissions to agents – 2 Serie B: Empoli is a boon for agents, they spend more than half of the A | A league

Dossier Commissions to agents – 2 Serie B: Empoli is a boon for agents, they spend more than half of the A | A league
Dossier Commissions to agents – 2 Serie B: Empoli is a boon for agents, they spend more than half of the A | A league

(The first article in the series was published here)Covid or not Covid, Empoli is a boon for agents

. One year later, the company of Serie B that pays more commissions. And that’s not all, because if you look at the Serie A figures it turns out that 11 companies spend less than the club chaired by Fabrizio Corsi. This is what emerges from the tables published in recent days by the FIGC. And while waiting to know the names of the beneficiaries (in the list of transactions relating to 2019, Empoli occupied a full page and spilled over into the two neighboring countries), we can only record the impressive data: despite the economic-financial crisis to be pandemic, the Tuscan company spent a good 5,507,833.34 euros in commissions in the period between 1 January and 31 December 2020. A figure that added to the 6,028,166.66 euros of the calendar year 2019 makes a total of 11.536 million euros in two years.And certainly such a high figure can be determined by many reasons. One of these was illustrated to us a year ago, during a very civil phone call, by an Empoli executive in response to the article in which we reported the sensational data for 2019. The representative of the blue company explained that such high intermediation costs were due to the rich sales with associated capital gains. Partially plausible explanation, which does not exhaust the enormity of the data nor is it sufficient to explain its repetition a year later. Rather, it is necessary to understand if a large part of the 5.5 million paid in 2020 is relevant to the January market (ie before the pandemic struck) or if the expenditure is rather significant also with reference to the summer market.

However, two indisputable data remain.
The first: Empoli spends on commissions more than double the second placed in this particular ranking (the Monza, who conducted demanding transfer campaigns between C and B, stands at a high level 2.264.386,94 euro) and more than triple the third place (la Sleep, fresh relegated from Serie A which denounces commissions for € 1,599,007.90).The second: with this figure Empoli would be placed in 10th place in the ranking of expenses for commissions in Serie A, leaving behind Benevento, Cagliari, Crotone, Genoa, Hellas Verona, Parma, Sampdoria, Spice, Torino, Udinese. The company of Corsi also detaches the Bologna for a few pennies (5,489,340.52 euros) and is placed just behind the Lazio (5.529.679,43 euro).

An economically unsustainable championship – The only timidly virtuous datum given by Tuscan society on this front is that it follows the trend of B series the decrease in brokerage expenses compared to the calendar year 2019. But this is a decrease that does not occur to the extent that the emergency would require. Among the 13 companies that participated in both B tournaments played between 2019 and 2020, in fact, as many as 6 show an increase in spending between the two calendar years. It is about Citadel (modest increase, from € 53,253.60 to € 89,816.40), Cremonese (which instead jumps from 772,792.40 euros to 1,067,745.00 euros), Pescara (very slight increase, from € 1,159,270.46 to € 1,168,749.70), Pordenone (from 150,759.57 to 205,831.72 euros), Venezia (the most decisive leap forward, from 648,848.34 euros to 1,139,357.58 euros) e Virtus Entella (from € 343,099.00 to € 418,035.00). A figure that helps to understand why, despite the Covid crisis, total spending on brokerage commissions has decreased significantly insufficiently: from 19,425,314.46 euros in 2019 (table that refers to 19 out of 20 companies, since data relating to Juve Stabia are missing) to 18,693,312.99 euros in 2020. The contraction is not even 1 million euros. Yet another fact that explains why Serie B is one of the most economically unsustainable leagues in Europe.
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