Tour of Flanders Route Analysis 2021

The Tour of Flanders 2021 this year will represent the highlight of the pavé season. After the cancellation of the Paris – Roubaix, the Flemish classic, scheduled Sunday 4th April, will therefore be the closing event of the spring appointments on the stones. The second classic Monument of the Year proposes a path in the wake of tradition, without major changes compared to the last editions, even with the confirmed absence of the legendary Grammont, as already happened last autumn. In any case, there will be 19 walls on which the riders will compete along the 254.3 kilometers that will take them from Antwerp to Oudenaarde to designate the heir of Mathieu van der Poel, winner of the unprecedented autumn edition last year.

Tour of Flanders route 2021

Anversa – Oudenaarde (254.3 km)

The first part of the route, which will return to exceed 250 kilometers and which again this year will start from Antwerp, does not present particular difficulties from an altimetric point of view. The first 100 kilometers, in fact, are substantially flat, within which the only pitfall is represented, starting from kilometer 85, by the first two pavé sectors of the day: Lippenhovestraat and Paddestraat. From there the mythical walls that have always characterized this classic will begin, starting with Katterberg preceding the first pass on the Vecchio Kwaremont, placed about halfway. This will be the first key moment of the race on which the group could already explode.

As has often happened in the past, it will be the sequence of nine walls placed over the next 50 kilometers that will put the strain on the legs and create a selection that could already be significant. After the first three walls Cortexer, Eikenberg e Wolvenberg the runners will also cover two further cobbled sections, Holleweg (1100 meters) and Karel martelstraat (1230 meters) before tackling Moleberg, Marlbouroughstraat, Berendries, Valkenberg. From the latter it will still take about 13 kilometers before Berg Ten Houte, 1100 meters in cobblestones with a stretch at 21%, e Kanarieberg. The race then could definitely light up in the second pass on the Vecchio Kwaremont, about 55 kilometers from the finish, which is immediately followed by the first passage on the Paterberg, 360 meters of pavé at 12.9% with a peak at 20%. A short stretch on the flat and downhill introduces the other key moment of the day, the feared one Koppenberg, a 600-meter wall in cobblestones with slopes of up to 22%.

Only 6 kilometers, 2 of which on the Mariaborrestraat pavé section, will introduce the group to a triptych of walls that should not be underestimated. They will indeed be Steenbeekdries, Taaienberg e Kruisberg to act as an appetizer to the final pairing that often decided who were the riders to fight for the final success. It will be the symbolic succession of Vecchio Kwaremont e Paterberg, located less than 15 kilometers from the finish, the last chance to make a difference for those who want to reach the finish line alone. From the brow, in fact, there will be only 13.2 kilometers a Oudenaarde, where the finish is located.

Walls Tour of Flanders 2021

# Name From the start Upon arrival Length Average slope Maximum slope cobblestone
1 Katteberg 102,2 152,1 800 m 6% 11%
2 Vecchio Kwaremont (1) 121,2 133,1 2200 m 4,0% 11,6% 1500 m
3 Cortexer 131,7 122,6 1260 m 6,4% 17,0%
4 Eikenberg 139,4 114,9 1200 m 5,2% 10%
5 Wolvenberg 142,5 111,8 645 m 7,9% 17,3%
6 Molenberg 154,2 101,9 463 m 7,0% 14,2% 300 m
7 Marlbouroughstraat 156,4 97,9 2040 m 3,0% 7,0%
8 Berendries 160,4 93,9 940 m 7,0% 12,3%
9 Valkenberg 165,8 88,5 540 m 8,1% 12,8%
10 Berg Ten Houte 178,2 76,1 1100 m 6,0% 21% 1100 m
11 Kanarieberg 183,7 70,6 1000 m 7,7% 14,0%
12 Vecchio Kwaremont (2) 199,7 54,6 2200 m 4,0% 11,6% 1500 m
13 Paterberg (1) 203,1 51,2 360 m 12,9% 20,3% 360 m
14 Koppenberg 209,7 44,6 600 m 11,6% 22,0% 600 m
15 Steenbeekdries 215,1 39,2 700 m 5,3% 6,7% 700 m
16 Taaienberg 217,6 36,7 530 m 6,6% 15,8% 500 m
17 Kruisberg / Hotond 227,8 26,5 2500 m 5,0% 9,0% 450 m
18 Vecchio Kwaremont (3) 237,6 16,7 2200 m 4,0% 11,6% 1500 m
19 Paterberg (2) 241,1 13,2 360 m 12,9% 20,3% 360 m

Altimetry and Planimetry of the Tour of Flanders 2021

In compliance with the request of the organization not to disclose the graphics of the race until the day of the race, the altimetry and planimetry will only be available starting from Sunday morning

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