Lady Dybala: “No clandestine party, a simple dinner. The fine? I didn’t ask him.”

Oriana Sabatini, girlfriend of Paulo Dybala, also speaks of the burning case that broke out around the party organized at McKennie’s house yesterday, in which the Argentine footballer also participated. For both, as well as for Arthur, there is now an exclusion from the squad for the derby: “It wasn’t a clandestine party, my boyfriend stayed for dinner on Wednesday which he often does on that day of the week. Lies are what they tell. , who were twenty … I believe that in the world of football everything that happens creates enormous crises. The truth is that I don’t know how they found out. The fine of the Carabinieri? ‘I asked”.

The Covid situation in Italy: “For the moment the players in Italy are not vaccinating, neither Paulo nor his teammates, I don’t know when I’ll do it, my parents always ask me. Only people over eighty. We are back in the red zone, which is not it is the same as last year’s quarantine, there are many closed rooms but people can still leave the house “.


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