Once upon a time there was Juve. Now we look like a traveling circus

Once upon a time there was a company called Juventus who knew how to dictate rules and enforce them. Those who failed, were fined and, in the case of reiteration of the error, was kindly invited to go elsewhere. (ask to Luciano Moggi for confirmation).

Once upon a time there were professional players who, on average, understood the value and weight of the jersey they were wearing. Some of them, from time to time, indulged in some behavior that was not really appropriate but, on the pitch, they always responded “present” while still giving their contribution.

We are in 2021, at the end of a cycle that lasted a very long time, 9 years. We are closing it in the worst possible way.

There is a president who is too busy with other matters to follow the team as he should.

There are managers who are evidently either too busy carrying out other tasks, or are unable to keep the team at bay.

There is a coach who does not have the necessary pulse to do it.

There are players who do what they want, blissfully, without worrying about their surroundings. There are those who have gone to Courmayeur in the past, who in Dubai these days, who despite being injured (?!?) For months, partying, etc. All while the team on the field is pitying, it is out of the way Champions at the hands of the most ridiculous opponent of the lot, she has been out of the Scudetto fight since October, and is seriously in danger of not finishing in the top four this season.

What is going on? The fact that former Juventus coaches and managers have been taken elsewhere to give a boost to the environment does not mean that Continassa should become the new traveling circus.

That’s enough. Enough with these spoiled and overprotected children’s attitudes. We are really fed up. You accept everything, but not to be made fun of.

Ownership steps in with firmness and hard fist. And, if someone does not want to understand, they can easily look for another accommodation. If someone doesn’t like it, they can easily go elsewhere.

We are on the eve of a crucial week (derby, Naples and Genoa), already complicated by the useless break for the national teams, by injuries, by the covid. The next three challenges will be decisive for the continuation of the season. There is a serious risk of compromising fourth place as well (with all that it would entail on an economic and image level).

If there is someone who cares about the fate of the uniform they are wearing, they must prove it. Now. We don’t know what to do with the “pussies”. We need people who fight and sweat, who run and show attachment to the shirt (given the salaries received, it would be the minimum wage).

If there is anyone in Society who still cares about the story of the Old Lady, it is time for him to make himself heard. And that makes the Continassa walls vibrate.

Otherwise, we would have the confirmation of what we perceive from the beginning of the season: we navigate on sight, living for the day, in spite of the much heralded and chat “programming”. From head to toe, there is too much detachment and indifference. Everyone thinks about cultivating their own garden.

There is no soul, there is no unity of purpose, there is no beating heart.

The hope is that there is still a modicum of pride. It’s time to get it out. Now or never.



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