Covid, the outburst of Aldo Serena moves the web

It had already happened to other important personalities in the world of sport, from Olive trees – who more than anything else expressed his concerns – to Albertosi who at 82 is still waiting for the vaccine and is more than worried given his already suboptimal health conditions. Now it is Aldo Serena’s turn to make his complaints about the administration of the drug known. The former striker of Inter, Juventus, Milan and Turin, born and resided in Veneto, unleashes himself with a long post on twitter.

Serena complains about the missed vaccine for the mother

Serena writes: “President Zaia, my 88-year-old mother, was summoned by SMS from the Ulss for 31/3/21 at 14.40 to the Vidor center to get vaccinated. At 6.40 pm she came in and the doctor did not give her the vaccine because there were 10 days left until the 3 months after the negativization expired. 4 hours waiting together with 300 people. Fortunately it was a beautiful day and the doors were open, I don’t dare to think if there had been bad weather ”.

Then he adds: “Is this the correct guideline? Also the call of the Usl was correct, and well written. Also call to see if it was a mistake and not getting an answer was correct. So not knowing what to do was correct. Even asking outside and being told it is the doctor who decides was correct. After I stopped playing I got pissed a few times, today is one of them ”.

Solidarity with Serena on social media

Reactions on social media flock, starting with Paolo Ziliani: “It is unacceptable Aldo. To an 88-year-old person. Worse than an oversight. I’m so sorry. I don’t know how I would have reacted. Bad, I think “or:” This way of doing, each for himself, no one pays so much, it is a serious damage for all Italians. We must remedy it ”and again:“ His mother has overcome many, she will overcome this too. I am worried about the future we are stealing from our children ”.

There are those who write: “There is no univocal criterion, they send people to the asylum. To me, negative for a month, with 130 antibodies, they said that I could also get the vaccine (if it was my turn now) “and finally the controversial note:” There are discomforts, but since Zaia he knows you, maybe it was appropriate to call him and not make a controversy here. Aldo Serena’s opinion is not just any one. Rather, use social media to report that amateurs have been stuck for a year .. there is so much need! thanks”.

SPORTS 01-04-2021 08:46

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