B1 – Cisterna does not find continuity: Altino wins in 4 sets in recovery


ALTINO Lombards, Meniconi, Graziani, Spicocchi, Zinconi, Costantini, Mastrilli, Di Diego, Abbinizio, Olleja, Saveriano COACH Litterio

TANK Fanelli, Fanella, Mastruzzi, Battaglini, Negri, Vaccarella, Corradetti, Borelli, Liguori, Garofalo, De Lellis COACH Weather in Saccucci

NOTE Partial 23-25; 25-17; 25-19; 25-11

After the clear success against Trevi obtained in the past weekend, Cisterna was looking for confirmation in the trip to Umbrian land against Altino, a formation that not later than a month ago Saccucci’s girls had defeated in a clear way within the friendly walls of Ramadù. Time has healed the wounds of the Umbrian team and Altino has found an important success, the one that was needed instead for the Pontine. It ends 3-1 with Fanelli and companions who manage to win only the first set, however, fighting for a long time given the final (23-25). In the other three partials of the race something breaks in the balance of Cisterna who tries to remain clinging to the opponent but in both cases fails to exceed 20. Probably mentally weakened by the second and third set lost, Cisterna is unable to return to match and grants 13 match balls to the opponents who, at the first opportunity, close the games. Thanks to this success Altino takes the top of the standings alongside Volleyrò at 18, while Cisterna remains at 8 in fourth place, the last useful to center the playoffs, but still has two games to recover.


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