Juve will fine McKennie, Dybala and Arthur: angry fans

The club will intervene but this is not enough to appease the wrath of the Juventus supporters. And to think that a social campaign against Joya’s farewell aired by Nedved had been launched

Indignant fans, Juventus enraged by the extra-field affair concerning McKennie, Dybala and Arthur. The three players were surprised at a party in the hills, inside the home of the Texan midfielder, after the curfew time and in the middle of the red zone. They will be fined by the club but this does not seem enough to calm the anger of the fans in these hours.

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Arthur lives one of the most delicate moments of his career due to a calcification between the tibia and fibula of the right leg that has been tormenting him for a few months now: in view of the derby on Saturday he is in doubt, more towards exclusion precisely because the pain persists . The other two – already positive at Covid-19 in different periods – should instead be among the protagonists: McKennie seems to have definitively disposed of the hip problem, Dybala comes from the long period of rehabilitation after injury to the medial collateral ligament of the left knee and is the most awaited in this season finale.


The fact deflates – at least in these first hours – the support charge that had moved in recent days in favor of the permanence of the Juventus number ten. With the hashtag #DybalaNonSiTocca some fans had started a social campaign to express dissent in the face of the latest news relating to a possible sale, after the words of vice president Pavel Nedved who had not ruled out an outgoing operation in the event of opportunity. Bonucci’s latest positivity to Covid-19 – the eleventh Juventus player in the pandemic between this and last season – increases the anger at the recklessness shown by the three teammates: no, it’s not April Fool .

April 1 – 5:57 pm



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