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The room that bears the name of the Weather in Cuvignone it is equipped with a large screen to allow videoconferencing meetings: a necessity in general, an obligation in times of pandemics. Opposite it, the main office is named after the Zoncolan while the large conference room that opens at the end of the corridor is named after the Stelvio.


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Names, of course, not chosen at random to characterize the spaces of “Casa Eolo”, the headquarters of the Eolo-Kometa team that after some time of gestation and running in is now operational almost at full speed. We are in Besozzo, and here the Cuvignone is really a stone’s throw away: the first meters of that climb touch the birthplace of the great Alfredo Binda and the runners will stay in Cittiglio of the team, when they arrive in Varese for retreats and training on the eve of the next races.

Even the choice of the building is anything but trivial: the shed used is in fact the one in which Luca Spada took his first steps as an entrepreneur, the first headquarters of what is now Eolo, the main sponsor of the team and one of the most powerful brands in the economic world of Varese. «An industrial story that started right from here: the wish, the hope and the idea are what our cycling team can be equally successful too. We are working for that, and we don’t give up an inch ».

The words are from Ivan Basso, the team manager and the man who most of all worked to transform a relatively small Spanish team into an Italian licensed team that dreams big. “As you may remember, Casa Eolo had been conceived within the company headquarters in Busto Arsizio – explains Basso, 43 years old and won two Tours of Italy – but then he is the possibility of using this facility emerged and we made this decision. Here in Besozzo we are right in the middle of those environments such as lakes and climbs that embellish the province of Varese, and we also found a building already built with our needs and suited to the ideas that Luca and I had in mind. Our will was to have one base suitable for needs of the team and here we are ».

Eolo House it will not be – and this is the most interesting aspect from a sporting point of view – just a place for organizational management or team logistics, indeed. With time it will become increasingly a crossroads for runners, especially in view of the great cycling events: «Someone has already come here, but it was just a taste. Now, with the arrival of the Tour of the Alps before and especially with the Tour of Italy, the Varese area will become the seat of the rallies on the eve of the races. We gave ourselves this rule, to find ourselves together a couple of days before the departure, as happens for the pre-match retreats of the players – continues Basso – We have an agreement with a hotel in Cittiglio, la Compass, to host athletes and technicians and we will be able to train on the roads of our valleys and lakes. In particular, the conditions here are optimal between March and October ».

Casa Eolo Kometa cycling Besozzo Ivan basso

Basso in the interview room

The Cuvignone, in short, it is always there in his role of a wonderful open-air gym. «As a runner, it was the climb that was crucial for me, because among the ones I used to train regularly, it was the one I climbed he never lied. The Campo dei Fiori was suitable for evaluating a number of parameters, but they were the times on Cuvignone to tell me that my condition was ideal for a great ride. Now I hope that the boys beat those of mine: I wait for them ». Incidentally, Basso confesses that in the years of Aldo Sassi and the Giro (won) 2010 his test included three consecutive climbs in different set-up: medium, racing and hillclimb. IS the last assault was completed in 28 minutes …

Meanwhile, on the road leading to the Giro d’Italia, Basso does not hold back in drawing up a small budget of this start of the season, without going into too much detail. «The“ heavy ”results have not yet arrived, but I believe that our choice, that of participating in many important races, is the right one. In a start-up phase like the one we are in, the best way to progress is to compete against the strongest: we must have patience but also the ability to improve and find continuity at high levels. We must remember that at our level legs and head are not enough, but it is also necessary to have a lot of heart. This is the only way to make a result in races in which the giants – from Ineos to Jumbo, from Trek to Deceuninck and others – leave some space to fit in. And it is necessary to look with also pay attention to placements: one like Edward Ravasi for too long he had not been used to competing for the upper floors. His 14th place finish at the “Coppi e Bartali” may seem trivial and instead contains many positive notes, many indications that made me happy ».

In the race dedicated to Indurain the Eolo-Kometa makes Wackermann debut

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