MotoGP, Lucchinelli: “Valentino Rossi? Make way for young people “

Last Sunday Valentino Rossi started his 26th season, at the age of 42, and the performance was not the best. The Italian passed under the checkered flag in twelfth position, without ever having shone, and according to Marco Luccinelli his era is now over. He admitted it right on the eve of the second round in Qatar (here is where and when to see him), in which Rossi will aim to make up for it.

“Now he runs just to get there”

The former 500 driver, interviewed by Lapresse, said: “Rossi in the World Championship was a novelty, a different way of racing, a Martian, a genius. But now he is back on earth and there are no more excuses to be found. Now off to young people. Without detracting from the nine-time world champion, that’s enough”.

He speaks the Ligurian in no uncertain terms, with the frankness that distinguishes him: “So he takes the bike away from a young man who hasn’t won a race for more than three years and the last World Cup he won in 2009. He has always raced to win but now he runs to finish”.

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Is Rossi no longer a contender for the title?

Nothing personal, however: “I don’t have it with Valentino, but with those who continue to find excuses for him. Except for him there has been an alternation over the years. I think he always wants to do better and is certainly not slow. But young people have that extra bit that makes the difference. It has become a stimulus for young people to stand up to him”.

Lucchinelli admits that he would not be missed: “The world championship without him would not lose appeal. The others also put on a show. And then the bikes now don’t seem so difficult to ride because even rookies are fast right away. You used to break your bones for three years before going strong. To win a race, yes, it can also be done, but to win a World Championship it means that many riders have to stop”.

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