C – The direction of Spes Mentana: word to Gargiulo and Albanesi

C – The direction of Spes Mentana: word to Gargiulo and Albanesi
C – The direction of Spes Mentana: word to Gargiulo and Albanesi
The march of the Spes Mentana which has obtained seven victories on as many challenges in group A1. The group coached by coach Morini is ready to play the playoffs just after the regular season and is just waiting for the math to celebrate the first goal of the season. Leading the attacking balls of the leaders are there Ludovica Gargiulo e Marta Albanesi, two dribblers with volleyball in their blood, also by family tradition. We asked them 1) By now the playoffs are guaranteed, you are already getting information on the next opponents 2) What is the secret of your team, which has left the crumbs to the others? 3) What do you think of your ward partner and what are the main differences between you? 4) Do you have a role model that you followed in your career in your role? 5) What is your ambition on and off the pitch? Here are their answers.

Ludovica Gargiulo

1) “By now it’s safe, unless we make mistakes in the last few matches. I don’t know very well the teams in the other half of the group. Right KK Eur in my opinion has always been one of the elite clubs in the Northern area of ​​the province of Rome. Let’s see what will happen and which teams will go to the playoffs. It will mean that they have had the potential to get there. ”

2) “Surely we are very close, even in the locker room and off the pitch. We are girls tuned very well and age is also a lot. Most of them are mature girls and therefore they are able to reflect this maturity of theirs to the others on the pitch. I always am. I was one of the smallest and I have always been used to having figures who gave me the best qualities to be on the field “.

3) “Marta is fantastic. I am almost 21 years old and I have known her since I was 16 because we also played together in Palombara. We immediately got involved. We laugh and joke a lot together, we love our role and although there are differences between us , on a physical, technical and tactical level, we manage to compensate for each other. We have aspects that fit together and in my opinion we are complementary. In return it does not change much if there is one or the other. fond of her because, having nine years of difference, she together with another partner, Silvia Pistorio, raised me from a volleyball point of view, they taught me how to be a volleyball player “.

4) “Apart from the sacred monsters like Travica and Lo Bianco, certainly my father was also one of my models, he also played as a setter, and then my historical company Silvia Pistorio who taught me the various tricks and with whom I refined the technique “

5) “My ambition is to know how to be assertive. A person who knows what he wants and who manages to find the means to achieve it. Team sports help you a lot, they send you the message that to get where you want you need to someone to support you and trust the people around you. I am therefore very happy with the team in which this system of cohesion and solidarity is very strong. We would not have reached where we are now without this and without the work of the coaches and management “

Marta Albanesi

1) “Actually no, because I’m curious to know the teams we will meet on the pitch”

2) “We are a very team, more than in other seasons. I think this is a factor that differentiates us from other clubs and often when it is missing it can lead to defeat. We are cohesive, but above all we have a lot of experience since many of us have played in leagues. level like B and this is his, especially in the most complicated moments of matches, when for example there are head to head “.

3) “What do I think of Giallona? I call it that because when we played with Palombara this game was born on yellowish which is the ball that all setters hate, with the yellow and blue spiral. She is a very good girl, very good, an excellent teammate. I am a little older than her, but we compare a lot. We are two opposite players both from a technical and personality point of view. I am much more exuberant, on the pitch as in life, and I make myself heard. She is much quieter. She is always ready to ask me for advice, also due to the fact that there is mutual respect. The character difference is also noticeable on the pitch. I am a little more caciarona as they say in Rome, because I like being a leader, being the director of the team. We compensate well. For her age, she can grow very much and if she puts the right stubbornness into it, she can really do a lot “

4) “I don’t want to be trivial talking about Lo Bianco or Malinov, but in reality I say my mother (Maria Carmela Diliberto, who played with Pro Juventute), who played at high levels in Serie A. She sent me the so-called cazzimma we are very similar in character, stubborn and tedious, so surely the model has been her since I was 3 years old, when she took me to a volleyball court. She was a free, old universal. A role that they also proposed to me but I have always loved this role and have never abandoned it “.

5) “I want to improve myself more and more and get higher and higher, despite the few centimeters I have (laughs ed) and maybe I would like to have those extra 10 centimeters that would have made me do something more. I always want to win, as my mother taught me. Off the pitch I reflect the same style of thinking, but I brought my determination to law studies which I am finishing with my degree in July and I hope to become an established lawyer.

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