LDT – “Juventus-Napoli, Morata offside! Hidden images”

LDT – “Juventus-Napoli, Morata offside! Hidden images”
LDT – “Juventus-Napoli, Morata offside! Hidden images”

A Napoli fan writes to us to highlight an episode that precedes, and therefore in fact vitiates and cancels, the disputed Lozano-Chiesa contact.

(Letter from the fan). We receive and publish a letter from a fan of the Naples, Arturo G., who commented on an episode of the Allianz Stadium match between Juventus and Neapolitans: “Dear friends of Areanapoli.it, first of all I want to make a premise: I am not entirely sorry for Napoli, there are no shortage of opportunities, however it is always the same story when we have to change pace, especially against Juventus, which is the most affordable of the last 10 years. What is the same story? The lack of enthusiasm, of personality. And then in my opinion Gattuso has guessed a few between setting, starting line-up and changes. Lozano you can see that it is not the mouse, while Politano was in great shape. As well as Mertens and Osimhen, and then the replacement of Demme, incomprehensible “.

Then Arturo added: “Beyond a healthy self-criticism, and without wanting to make excuses, I believe there is a sensational error not recognized by the VAR: Morata’s offside in the action that leads to the disputed penalty not granted for a foul by Lozano on Chiesa. The penalty could having seen what the regulation says, but if the VAR highlights the irregular position of the Spanish Juventus striker, the question does not even arise. And therefore in light of this, it is scandalous to say that the referee Mariani has removed a penalty from both . Because the one on Zielinski is clear-cut, sacrosanct, and is not vitiated by any omissions of those who had to direct the game. Absurd, we are the usual ones .. We rarely see a similar game without serious errors. And we do not understand why the images in question were “hidden” during the commentary. Ps: the penalty on Osimhen is generous, given a few minutes from the end. And I didn’t like it because the feeling that you wanted to give a sop is there. Juventus comu nque, overall, he deserved the victory, but the draw was the fairest result even for the two goals scored by Zielinski and Fabian in the first half. I enclose two images published by Gerardo Marino in relation to Morata’s offside “.


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