study the simulation of the rear steering wheels?

The indiscretions of the paddock indicate that the Milton Keynes team would like to further raise the threshold of the technical challenge with Mercedes by bringing to the track solutions that facilitate the use of the new Pirelli tires.

For now it is just a rumor circulating in the paddock, although it is well accredited. Red Bull is aware that to put a spoke in the wheel at Mercedes requires maximum technical potential, because Brackley’s team managed to win in Bahrain, in the opening GP of the 2021 season, although the W12 does not had shown the usual technical supremacy on the track.

An ingenuity by Max Verstappen in the key moment of the Sakhir race did not allow the Milton Keynes team to grab a success that, instead, they expected after the pole position on Saturday. The fact is that Red Bull will present itself at the opening of the European season scheduled in Imola on April 18 with an RB16B even more thrust than the single-seater we enjoyed in the Gulf.

The rumors, in fact, suggest that Adrian Newey’s car may have suspensions for the Enzo and Dino Ferrari that can simulate the behavior of the rear steering wheels.

This is not a simple issue to apply because rear-wheel steering is prohibited by regulation and, therefore, a series of interventions are required concerning the flexibility of the elements and the electronic adjustments of the differential and engine, as well as the brake by wire for obtain a different angle of the two driving wheels when cornering.

Mercedes is well aware that they developed this solution first: Pirelli’s introduction of more rigid carcass tires could favor the adoption of an idea that should serve to safeguard the durability of the rubber, but developing the concept is very complicated and time-consuming.

The idea would not be of the “genius” Newey, but of a German structure that would have offered Red Bull the opportunity to evaluate the project and the particular design of the rear suspension of the RB16B could favor precisely the action of the simulation of the steering rear wheels. .

At Imola there will be many observers who will try to understand if the Milton Keynes team will focus on a solution that Mercedes has long mastered or if the team headed by Christian Horner will still need development work to make a concept work that could give wings. to the car of Max Vestappen and Sergio Perez …


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