Michele Pasinato died at the age of 52

Terrible news. Michele Pasinato, two times European champion with Julio Velasco’s Italvolley, died at the age of 52 (in addition to many other victories). A little over a year ago he was a guest at the Trento festival with the other companions of what has been renamed “the Generation of Phenomena” which has forever marked the history of volleyball in Italy at the end of the last century.

A serious illness, discovered a few months ago, left him no way out. Many, incredulous, remember him with affection in these minutes on social media.

Mourning in volleyball: Michele Pasinato died

“From the president Giuseppe Manfredi, from the vice presidents Adriano Bilato and Luciano Cecchi, from the general secretary Alberto Rabiti, from the Federal Council and from the entire Italian Volleyball Federation, they reach Michele’s family with heartfelt condolences” reads a note on the Federvolley website.

Born in 1969, from the Veneto region of Cittadella (Padua), the opposite is still the record holder of points scored in the regular season of the top flight of the Italian championship (7,031 points in 280 games, more than 300 points more than the second in the standings). In the ranking of the best for average points per game among the top scorers of the Italian A1 championship he is second (behind Andrea Zorzi). In the playoffs he played little (due to his militancy always in small clubs), only 17 games with 408 points scored.

In all, he scored 7,439 points in 297 games, earning him the sixth position in the special general classification. He was part of the Italian national team (in which he played 256 times) being part of the “team of the century” at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, the 1998 World Cup in Tokyo (winning gold) and the 1993 Europeans (Turku, gold ) and 1995 (Athens, gold). He played for a long time in Petrarca Padova, and won a CEV cup in 1994 with the team of his city.

The “Paso”, as he was nicknamed, ended his career in 2006 with the Valsugana Padova shirt. A simple person, in love with this sport. It will remain in the history of Italian volleyball. He leaves his wife Silvia and their children Edoardo and Giorgio.

Dead Pasinato, the press release of the Padua Volleyball

“Michele Pasinato is no more. 52 years old last March 13, a friend, a caring father, an appreciated coach of the Juventus youth sector and one of the greatest Italian volleyball players of all time passed away”. With these touching words begins the press release of the Padua Volleyball.

“A communiqué that you would never want to write, but that is necessary to share the memory with the fans, with colleagues and with the whole world of sport. The Juventus club tightens around the pain of his wife Silvia and children Edoardo and Giorgio for the disappearance of a man who gave so many emotions as a player and many teachings as a coach. The date and place of the funeral will be communicated by the club in the next few days. His career as a player began in the youth teams of Petrarca Padova in the 1985/86 season , where he remained in the A1 series until 1994. After three seasons in Montichiari and one in Rome, the “Paso” returned to his Padua playing until 2000/01. In the top flight (between the championship and the Italian Cup) he made 7,800 in 316 games . The list of titles won with the Italian national team is very long: from gold in Tokyo in 1988, passing through the European Championships in Turku and Athens in 1993 and 1995. Thanks to his 256 appearances with Italy, he became one of the key elements of the famous “Generation of Phenomena” and in 1999 he obtained the honor of the Gold Medal for Athletic Valor. After a few seasons in Serie B and C, Pasinato closed his career as an athlete to start his career as a coach of the youth sector in Volleyball Padova, his large family. But now the numbers and the trophies have a relative value, because the one who cries in Padua today is a Champion who has demonstrated these characteristics even in everyday life, where hugs, advice and daily work in the gym together with the boys are valid. more than any podium. The task of those who remain is to keep his memory alive, honor his work and associate the great Paso with a big smile. Even if, believe us, at this moment we are having a hard time showing it to you “.

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