Allianz Trieste is preparing for the transfer to the Virtus Segafredo Arena

Allianz Pallacanestro Trieste assaulting the “third” of the class, in the first weekend after Easter: the red and white, in fact, will compete on Sunday 11 April (duo at 20.30 – live streaming on Eurosport Player and on radio on Radio Punto Zero Tre Venezie ) the Segafredo Virtus Bologna, on the Bolognese parquet.

The historic Juventus team has a balance of seventeen wins and seven defeats (34 total points) and is led by “Sasha” Djordjevic: in the starting quintet of the Black Vs, the “firm” points up to now have always been Kyle Weems, Giampaolo Ricci and Stefan Markovic.

The Serbian Markovic (199 cm, 1988) is a very talented playmaker in passing and of important physical size: 5.9 points on average, but they are secondary numbers compared to the 4.8 points, 4 rebounds and 63.6% from two he accumulates in 23.9 minutes of stay. On guard, the former NBA Marco Belinelli could leave, who is taking important rhythms even with a limited time: he does not need too many presentations and, for him, the figures speak for themselves. His 14.7 points arrive in 22.9 minutes of use, albeit with percentages that can be improved (49.1% from twos, 29.9% in triples), but in any case it is still an element that when it enters the streak is very difficult to contain. The small forward is the USA Kyle Weems, thirty-two of 198 centimeters who scores 9.7 points with 4 rebounds and is a classic player who does a little bit of everything, also being able to occupy different positions; he pairs excellently with “Pippo” Ricci, a strong forward born in ’91 with an excellent shot from outside (38.2% from distance) in spite of a still handsome physique. In 20.2 minutes he travels at 6.6 points and 4.3 rebounds per game and is one of the Italians of reference in recent years.

As a pivot, the most reliable player is Julian Gamble, who in less than two quarters of use has 10 points, 5 rebounds, 1.4 dunks and 0.9 blocks: he shoots practically only from below (67.6% from two), but he weighs his size from 208 centimeters to 113 kilos in an almost perfect way.

From the bench, the sixth ideal man is “His Majesty” Milos Teodosic (199 cm, 1986), who at thirty-five continues to hold up the name of Serbia in terms of basketball talents: 24.3 minutes on average with 13 points, 6.8 assists and 2.4 rebounds, with 56.5% from two, 33.6% in bombs and 80.3% in the line, as well as a first-rate “Killer Instinct”. Another player who shifts the balance by getting up from the pine is Vince Hunter (203 cm, 98 kilos), a twenty-seven-year-old American who gives his best near the iron: 9 points and 4.3 rebounds in 16.3 minutes, with 64.1% from two. He makes athletics his best weapon, but he makes himself useful in several ways. The winger Josh Adams is a 188 cm guard born in 1993 who lost a few minutes with the arrival of Belinelli: he is basically a shooter, as shown by the 4 triples (33%) attempted on average, and in addition to the 6.9 points at game does not do much other than increase the perimeter danger of the Virtus.

Other notable players are the Abass winger (5.8 points and 2.3 rebounds on average), together with the half-long Amar Alibegovic (4.7 points and 3 rebounds in 11.6 minutes): the Italian couple formed by the pivot Amedeo Tessitori (208 cm, 4.1 points with 54.7% from two) and by the point guard of the virtuoso school Pajola (6.1 points and 3.2 assists in 18.3 minutes) completes the rotations available to coach Sasha Djordjevic.



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