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Inter scores 10 out of 10 in the return leg, Sassuolo beaten 2-1 after a heart-pounding match

Inter scores 10 out of 10 in the return leg, Sassuolo beaten 2-1 after a heart-pounding match
Inter scores 10 out of 10 in the return leg, Sassuolo beaten 2-1 after a heart-pounding match
It was since 2014 that Inter had not been able to overcome Sassuolo at San Siro: finally, the Nerazzurri managed to break this curse by overcoming the neroverde formation 2-1 in the recovery of the 28th matchday of Serie A. A success that is worth as much as the ‘gold for the men of Antonio Conte, who achieved the tenth success in as many matches of the second round, a historic record for the top flight, but above all they widen the furrow from AC Milan direct pursuer now at minus eleven. A match brought home after a heart-pounding match, signed by the fantastic two, namely Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez: it is always the Belgian who lethally break the neroverdi offensive plots, first making himself ready on Ashley Young’s assist, closing with a Imperial header, then going to find Lautaro Martinez with great simplicity serving the Argentine the ball of 2-0. Sassuolo, however, is a very hard nut to crack, and in the final rekindles the match with Hamed Traore’s goal which is worth 2-1. Inter did not break up, on the contrary in the final they devour at least a couple of crystal clear opportunities for the 3-1. But in the end he raises his arms to the sky and wins another 3 points that are worth another brick towards the Scudetto.


MARKERS: 10 ‘Lukaku (I), 67’ Lautaro Martinez (I), 85 ‘Traoré (S)

INTER: 1 Handanovic; 37 Skriniar, 6 De Vrij, 36 Darmian; 2 Hakimi, 23 Barella, 24 Eriksen (59 ’12 Sensi), 5 Gagliardini (70′ 8 Vecino, 15 Young; 9 Lukaku, 10 Lautaro Martinez (77 ‘7 Sanchez).

On the bench: 27 Padelli, 97 Radu, 13 Ranocchia, 22 Vidal, 33 D’Ambrosio, 99 Pinamonti.

Coach: Antonio Conte.

SASSUOLO: 47 Tips; 22 Toljan (75 ’27 Haraslin), 21 Chiriches (90′ 26 Karamoko), 2 Marlon, 6 Rogerio (75 ’77 Kyriakopoulos); 14 Obiang, 8 Maxime Lopez; 23 Traoré, 10 Djuricic, 7 Boga (80 ’30 Oddei); 18 Scrapers.

On the bench: 56 Pegolo, 63 Turati, 4 Magnanelli, 13 Peluso, 24 Artioli, 35 Piccinini, 72 Saccani.

Coach: Roberto De Zerbi.

Referee: Radio. Assistants: Vivenzi – Mondin. Fourth Official: Abyss. Where: Banti. Assistant Var: Cecconi.

Advice (S), De Zerbi (S), Barella (I), Traoré (S), Young (I), Lopez (S)
Corner: 1-8
Recovery: 1°T 0′, 2°T 4′.



94 ‘- Barella fouls a cross, Handanovic blocks then squats.

94′ – Lukaku signs the 3-1, but is offside.

92‘- Hakimi puts in the middle too weakly for Sanchez, there is the advance of the defense.

90′ – Four minutes of recovery begin, De Vrij’s great closure on Haraslin but there was offside. Karamoko entered Sassuolo for Chiriches.

90′ – Sanchez devours the match ball: served by Lukaku, the Chilean points the door then tries the lob by sending high.

86′ – Excellent Barella who manages to gain a foul from a situation in which he was late.

85 & # 39; – Sassuolo Network! Traore reopens the games with a great diagonal shot that ends where Handanovic cannot reach!

84′Yellow card for protests for Lopez.

83′ – Ball hit by the barrier, with Skriniar who remains on the ground a few seconds then gets up laughing.

82′ – Oddei earns foul from Darmian, dangerous punishment.

80 ‘- Oddei takes the place of Boga in Sassuolo.

79 & # 39; – Traoré’s conclusion deflected for a corner, the Ivorian would claim a hands but Skriniar hits with his arms along the body.

77 ‘- The time comes for Alexis Sanchez, out of Lautaro Martinez.

75 ‘- Double change for Sassuolo: in Kyriakopoulos and Haraslin for Rogerio and Toljan.

73′ – Traoré points Hakimi and kicks, the ball hits the outside of the net.

72′ – Other protests by Djuricic for an alleged hand by Darmian, Irrati sees no foul.

70 ‘- Second Inter change: outside Gagliardini, inside Vecino.

THE GOAL OF LAUTARO: Deadly restart of Inter, Lukaku launches the Bull pointing Advice and strikes him with a diagonal low shot. Great protests by Sassuolo for an alleged foul on Raspadori in the Nerazzurri area before the winning action.


65′ – Sensi is knocked down by Toljan, Barella demands a warning.

64′ – Bad ball put in the middle by Sassuolo, on which Toljan does not arrive. Ball that slips out on the bottom.

63′ – Inter too low, Sassuolo keeping the initiative. Then Lautaro tries to restart but commits a foul on Chiriches.

61′ – Raspadori in the middle, the ball deflected for a corner.

60 & # 39; – Young’s handball, yellow card for the Englishman. Dangerous penalty for Sassuolo.

59 ‘- Here is the first change of Conte: out of Eriksen, Stefano Sensi on the field.

58′ – Sensi ready on the sidelines, Vecino also warms up. Djuricic’s shot is too strangled, the ball goes out.

56′ – Inter tries again with Gagliardini who puts in the middle for Hakimi, anticipated on the aerial contrast.

55′ – New action Sassuolo, De Vrij clears the area. Shortly after, Obiang’s shot was saved by Handanovic in two halves.

53′ – Another shot from a distance by Traoré, a ball that ends well away from the posts. Inter tries a quick restart with a cut for Young on which, however, Council arrives in advance.

51′ – Young good at throwing Lukaku, whose passage for Lautaro is anticipated by Obiang.

50′ – Boga points to Skriniar and leaves, then puts in the middle: Handanovic blocks.

48′ – Convenient Handanovic exiting, the restart attempt is however wasted by Barella.

47′ – Rogerio’s cross, Darmian intervenes by sending for a corner.


19.49 – Kick-off of the second half for Sassuolo: PARTIES!

19.48 – The two teams return to the field for the start of the second half.

INTERVAL – A Sassuolo who manages possession and sometimes holds Inter even more crushed than expected, but when he starts again he knows how to hurt. This is demonstrated by the action of the Nerazzurri advantage, signed by the usual Romelu Lukaku who finds himself on the other side of the rainbow on Ashley Young’s assist and leaves Councils in place. However, De Zerbi’s formation certainly does not give up the bone, also becoming really dangerous at the end with Boga, well served by Djuricic and stopped by Skriniar. Really interesting race.


45 ‘- Irrati whistles the end of the first half: Inter at rest with a 1-0 lead over Sassuolo thanks to Lukaku’s goal.

44′ – Inter blaze, Barella serves Young whose shot is oversized.

43′ – Another cross from Boga, a ball that the Nerazzurri defenders pull off in a lateral foul.

41′ – Find the winning space Djuricic to serve Boga, who overtakes Skriniar. The Slovakian was very good at folding and closing

39′ – Long Sassuolo maneuver, concluded by Traore with an easy shot for Handanovic.

35′ – Darmian forcefully snatches the ball from an opponent and shoots, the ball is rejected and blocked by Consiglio. Action that comes at the height of an excellent maneuver launched by Handanovic.

33′ – Lukaku flies into the box, then tries to serve Lautaro but the ball goes to Maxime Lopez.

32′ – Hakimi’s cross deflected, Barella arrived on the ball whose shot ended up in the hands of Consiglio.

31′ – One-two Lukaku-Skriniar, the Slovak is stopped by Chiriches.

30′ – Lukaku goes of power to aim for Chiriches, earning a throw-in.

26′ – Inter turn the front, Barella’s number in control.

25‘- Boga puts in the middle, no comrade gets there. Then error of the Nerazzurri defense with Gagliardini who lands Traore.

24′ – Hakimi puts in the middle for Lautaro, controlled by Toljan who allows the exit to Consiglio.

23 ‘- This time Barella takes the foul from Traoré: Irrati, in front of the two, warns the neroverde. He too wary

22′ – Try again the play in the middle Young, Lautaro receives but does not check.

20′ – Gagliardini interrupts Sassuolo possession by taking a foul in his area.

20′ – Conte does not like this somewhat submissive attitude of Inter and does nothing to hide it.

17 ‘- Barella lands Rogerio, Irrati warns him. The midfielder will miss the former match against Cagliari.

15′ – Sassuolo still high possession, Inter now a bit squashed.

13‘- Sassuolo feeling a reaction. After the goal, a yellow card for De Zerbi.

THE GOAL OF LUKAKU: Restart at two thousand at the time of Inter, another launch this time by Lautaro for Young whose cross finds the winning header of the Belgian attacker who leaves Councils motionless.


9′ – Djuricic’s intervention on Hakimi, Irrati whistles punishment for the disappointment of the Serbian player.

8′ – Nerazzurri protests for an alleged hand touch on punishment. Var at work, all regular.

7 ‘- Kamikaze output of Councils that knocks down Young: an inevitable yellow for the Emilian goalkeeper.

6′ – Inter responds: Lukaku’s panoramic throw for Young who points the man and puts in the middle where Hakimi does not arrive well with his head.

4′ – Sassuolo tries again, Obiang’s shot just outside the area that ends not far from the goal.

3′ – Now it is Sassuolo who are maneuvering in the Nerazzurri half. Ball to Djuricic who kicks from distance sending to the side.

1′ – Immediately an opportunity for Inter! Lautaro snatches the ball from a defender, then serves Barella who first looks for Lukaku then fails to recover the rebound.


18.47 – First ball of the match for Inter: GO!

18.46 – Handanovic and Raspadori, Sassuolo’s very young captain, in midfield for the draw.

18.43 – The referees enter, followed shortly after by the two teams.



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