Marcell Jacobs, vices and virtues on the fastest man in Italy

El Paso, the marine father, Carl Lewis, the 3 children, the long abandoned, Camossi, Tortu: all about the phenomenon of our athletics: “I’m 99.9% Italian. From my father I inherited …”

Of course there is also him, Marcell Jacobs, at the federal meeting of the speed sector at the start in Rome in these hours which, ideally, sets the stage for the outdoor season of Italian athletics. Olympic season: a particularly significant season. The 4×100 specialists will train until Monday at Acquacetosa (at his home) in view of the World Relay Championships scheduled for 1-2 May in the Polish Chorzow, in the Silesia region. The men’s one will have to try to gain direct access to Tokyo and the opportunity, with eight passes and sixteen nations up for grabs, will be more than propitious. The novelty is that, in the context, on Marcell – just chosen as the best European athlete for the month of March – the brightest lights will turn on for the first time.