in tennis there is a no front (unfortunately ignorance has no boundaries)

in tennis there is a no front (unfortunately ignorance has no boundaries)
in tennis there is a no front (unfortunately ignorance has no boundaries)

The words reported by Ben Rothenberg, correspondent of the New York Times, on the opposition of several players to the anti-Covid vaccine. In a sport that has always lived on tour around the world, such words cannot be expected. The reporter’s interview was done with Elina Svitolina, Andrey Rublev, Diego Schwartzman, Aryna Sabalenka and Naomi Osaka. Unfortunately, only the latter has declared itself in favor of the vaccine.

The selfish and ignorant theses of those who do not want to vaccinate

Among the interviewees, absolutely selfish and ignorant theses emerge to justify their choice not to get vaccinated.

Elina Svitolina and Andrey Rublev repeat in chorus more or less the same words that could make two selfish thinkers rather than examples to follow for the little ones.

Our situation would not improve much, the ATP, the WTA and local governments would still oblige us to stay in the bubble and go through a quarantine period after each transfer. From what assumptions does this refusal arise? We don’t know, we can’t answer you”.

Aryna Sabalenka, will probably make happy the first opponent to vaccines Novak Djokovic (called Novax in recent months) season with a good dose of ignorance.

I don’t believe in the vaccine; if I am forced to do so in order to play tournaments then I will have no choice, but I will certainly not allow my family to do so. If I were to be forced, I would still choose the most expensive one on the market, because it is safer and less likely to affect my genetic makeup.”.

Scientific basis of your thinking? We believe none and we regret it.

Since always no vax is the only voice out of the chorus

Also echoed by Diego Schwartzman, a member (according to him) of a family that has always been no vax.

I am against, vaccines are neither part of the culture nor the tradition of my family. Moreover, at the moment, the supply is very problematic in Argentina. What if the ATP told us it could provide? Not exactly. We have heard many times that the Olympic Committee could help us ahead of the Tokyo Games. If this will be possible for us athletes and the administration should be implemented in perfect compliance with all legal and clinical criteria, I could consider the possibility of doing so.”.

The only person who answered affirmatively, Naomi Osaka, who commented: “I’ll definitely get vaccinated when it’s my turn”.

The responses of ATP and WTA

The prompt responses from ATP and WTA on the issue could not be lacking to extinguish, from the beginning, future controversies.

Based on the scientific evidence that emerged, ATP recommends vaccination against COVID-19 for everyone. In parallel, we remain available to support and support distribution at all levels and around the world, giving priority to those who have the greatest need for protection. In addition, we are discussing with infectious disease and virologists to evaluate the best administration strategies when doses will be available on a large scale, while we collaborate with other international sports leagues and external consultants with the aim of identifying the best management methods in the field of sport. Any further updates regarding the next steps to be taken and the vaccination options available for our athletes will be communicated as soon as possible”.

The WTA believes in the vaccine and encourages anyone to get it. This will be decisive to protect the vaccinated individual and those who are not yet vaccinated from the virus, accelerating the long-awaited process of returning to normal. Together with the trusted consultants of the Mayo Clinic we will be able to assist athletes and advise them in the best possible way on the benefits that the different vaccines on the market guarantee. That said, the WTA will not oblige any player to get vaccinated, as it is an unquestionable personal decision that we will respect, whatever it is.”.

We are talking about public figures who have a great weight in the lives of many young people. Making similar claims, without scientific basis, is bad not only for the sport, but also for the example they should set them. What about kids who don’t want to get vaccinated because their idol doesn’t and takes sides against vaccines?

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