MotoGp, Jorge Lorenzo demolishes Valentino Rossi

It’s not a great time for Valentino Rossi. Perhaps, indeed certainly, injuries aside, the worst of his career. Not even at the time of the difficulties in Ducati, the Doctor he had never seen himself at the back of the grid, fighting in the race in the penultimate position and out of the points at the end Doha Grand Prix. All the world that revolves around the MotoGp he now asks himself the same things about the 9 times world champion, if the time has come to say enough. He does not enter into the matter but his judgment is still frank and negative, his former partner and rival Jorge Lorenzo who does not go lightly in judging Rossi’s second weekend in Qatar, worse than the first.

Lorenzo mercilessly on Rossi: “Disappointed like everyone else”

He yes, Jorge Lorenzo he decided to hang up his suit and helmet by retiring from MotoGp. It is not known if and to what extent this withdrawal is definitive. At the moment the former Spanish rider is very dedicated to social networks where he continues to talk about the World Championship. He does so, between one comment on the poison and the next, with a fixed “99 seconds” column on his YouTube channel in which he analyzes the MotoGP races. He did it even after the second race in Qatar, the Doha Grand Prix, and Jorge was not tender with Valentino Rossi.

“Rossi was a disappointment, for me and for his fans” ruled Jorge Lorenzo in his analysis. “A lot is always expected from him but finishing 21st on the grid and out of the points in the race is not for him. He said it wasn’t the worst qualification of his career but I struggle to find a worse one. Even in the race he went badly, out of the points, I don’t know how many times it happened when he didn’t crash ”.

Lorenzo stanga Rossi on the merciless confrontation with Martin

The Doctor comes out with broken bones even when Lorenzo brings up the topic of the strong wind that caused many problems for the riders in the second race in Qatar compared to a week earlier. “It was a factor – remarked Lorenzo – but while a highly experienced rider like Valentino Rossi went over a second slower than a week ago, a beginner like Martin went 7 tenths faster, I don’t know if it’s a coincidence. but the times have said this ”.

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SPORTS 06-04-2021 10:05

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