Interview with Andrea Mattei | Let’s get sporty

Interview with Andrea Mattei | Let’s get sporty
Interview with Andrea Mattei | Let’s get sporty

After the regular season, at Volley Tricolore it is time to take stock and start planning the training sessions for this week before the start of the Playoffs.

The central Andrea Mattei, after concluding a season with truly incredible numbers, answered some questions about his regular season that saw him excel in the same role, for the number of total points, number of winning blocks and average blocks per set, throwing the central 93 in the top 25 for points scored in the championship (the only central present in this ranking).
To crown these goals, Mattei, in agreement with the club, had a jersey created for a special fan, his grandfather, who unfortunately could not get this gift.
The grandfather of the Reggiano plant died prematurely and unexpectedly, leaving Andrea with great pain and a great desire to dedicate every result obtained, present and future, to the memory of his grandfather.

These are the words of the Reggiano center:

“It is a time of great confusion.
I am extremely happy in fact, for the results obtained by the team and by myself, given the performance rankings that have just been drawn up by the Serie A league, however this news really touched me deeply.
The team has done a wonderful job throughout the season and this sixth place, obtained at the last minute with a super performance against Bergamo, is the right crowning point for all the great path we have made.
Personally, I am proud to have reached the top of the rankings in many of the statistical rankings among the central Serie A2 champions.
I would be lying if I said that it was not a goal that I had set myself at the beginning of the season, especially after a year like last year in which all the players had been labeled and judged excessively critically.
This goal makes me very proud and I am grateful to the coach and my teammates for allowing me to maintain certain averages in all statistical fields throughout the season.
Volleyball, and I will never tire of repeating it, is a team sport in which everyone depends on the work of their teammates.
Without the incredible reception percentages that we have kept for most of the championship Riccardo Pinelli would not have been able to serve me perfectly as he did throughout the championship so I owe all this to the hard work and great qualities of my teammates.
The news of my grandfather’s death has really given me a bolt from the blue unfortunately, ruining the great happiness I was feeling these days.
He was a great fan for me and a person I could count on a lot during my life and his loss leaves an unbridgeable void.
The idea of ​​the shirt that I wanted to give him myself I am sure would have made him very proud therefore it will be exhibited in the family tomb in his honor.
I dedicate everything I have achieved in my career and what we have achieved this season to his memory, with the intention of continuing this path as much as possible even during the playoffs and with the hope that this extra stimulus can serve to close a path. really beautiful and important like what we have undertaken in this RS.
I also thank the club, the staff and my fantastic teammates for having gathered around me in this painful and delicate moment.
We are really a very united and linked group that thinks like a real family and this also says a lot about the results we have achieved.

Now the head will go, after a period of rest, to the preparation of the first Playoff game and I, to try to overcome this moment, will do what makes me feel better in the world, that is to train during and try to give my best when I come. called into question.
Cuneo is waiting for us with a lot of pressure on our shoulders and the virtual duty to respect the predictions, so we will play the next round without having to prove anything to anyone and with the awareness of being a difficult and complicated team for everyone to face. ”

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