Iannicelli: “Napoli, Scudetto possible: you have to believe it! Let’s make macumbe on Inter”

“The blue team still has to feed the Scudetto dream”: the commentator of Canale 21, Peppe Iannicelli, who spoke at Campania Sport, is convinced of this.

Napoli can still believe in the Scudetto. It is the thought expressed by Peppe Iannicelli to the microphones of Channel 21: “Past water does not grind, it is useless to stir. It is useful, however, to take everything into account and evaluate everything: behaviors, choices and results. I say something provocatively and relaunch it: let’s not close the Scudetto discussion , because Napoli can compete. Napoli must not lose against Juventus, but they can go all-in. “, said the Campania journalist.

Iannicelli then added: “The Azzurri team still has to feed the Scudetto dream. How? By winning the next matches and making macumbe so that Antonio Conte’s Inter will set up and do not perform at the same level. Napoli have the duty to still believe in the big result, because he can get back in the wake of Inter. We would be facing a sensational sporting feat. I think of the America’s Cup in San Francisco or tennis matches that see the odds overturned. Why preclude us from this dream? “.


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