TMW EXCLUSIVE – Fans at Euro2020? Here Baku: “Tough situation”. 6 days before F1


By 7 April, UEFA asks for reassurance on the stadiums open for the European Championships. TMW travels to the 12 cities of Euro2020 to understand where we are.

Formula 1 without fans, a few days before the start of the European Championships. Where, on the other hand, the presence of fans is required by UEFA: as is known, by 7 April the twelve cities involved in Euro2020 will have to give guarantees from this point of view and also communicate the turnout they believe they can ensure (fans are however excluded foreigners). The above paradox is one of which it could be the protagonist Baku, capital of Azerbaijan: the F1 grand prix is ​​scheduled for June 6, for which the government has already closed doors. On the 12th, from the calendar, the match between Wales and Switzerland should be played at the Olympic Stadium, the first of four (there will then be the 16th Turkey-Wales, the 20th Switzerland-Turkey and on the 3rd July a quarter-final) scheduled in the Azerbaijani capital.

As part of the journey of TMW for the 12 cities of the European Championship, we have reached Elseveder Memmedov, Azerbaijani journalist from “The situation related to the pandemic is not good in Azerbaijan, the number of cases is increasing. Maybe in 3-4 months it will be different, we hope for the progress of the vaccination campaign, but also in the good spring weather. I think that AFFA (the Azerbaijani football federation) and the government will give guarantees in this sense ”.

What is the situation of sporting events?
“To date, the championship matches take place without the presence of fans, prohibited by stadiums and arenas. In general, there are no competitions with spectators: I think that the vaccination campaign will also be decisive on this ”.

Are there any plans to carry out tests in view of the return of the fans to the stadiums?
“So far, neither the football association nor the government have concretely discussed how to organize the return of fans to the states. There are still many restrictions in the country, it is forbidden to circulate without masks. It is very difficult to make a forecast now, and we have no official news from the institutions in this regard ”.


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