Genoa, never again marshy storms: end of season with stimuli

(photo by Genoa CFC Tanopress)

That Genoa-Fiorentina was an insipid race, like a flat transfer stage of the Giro, is demonstrated by the aridity of the scoresheet. In addition to the goals from Destro and Vlahovic, only one minimal chance emerges on each side: first Bonaventura’s header propitiated by Venuti and, on 85 ‘, Ghiglione’s cross that finds Zappacosta free but the shot of the best in the field ends far away by Dragowski. Ninety and more flat minutes, certainly difficult to imagine after the penultimate place in December but equally destined not to enter the rossoblù collective memory, had it not been for the sparkling final without a penalty for the Grifone. After an unfortunate arbitration in an old Lazio-Cagliari, Sandro Ciotti returned the line by asserting with incredible wit: “He arbitrated Lo Bello in front of eighty thousand witnesses”. We regret that with the Ferraris closed to the public, several depositions were lost.

However, the demerits of Genoa, bordering on the newfound solidity of Fiorentina, begin just after the expulsion of Ribery: forty rather chaotic minutes (Zappacosta dixit), practically a time – if we also consider the final recovery – conducted at a slow pace, from the last day of school. Ballardini tried refreshing the attack with Pjaca and Shomurodov and two fifths of midfield but the Grifo did not remedy a pedestrian linearity of the game constantly read in advance by the Viola. It is evident that in the salvation path undertaken starting from Christmas the rossoblù have acquired almost full awareness of their strength, however, reflected by a finally truthful ranking, but in this team there are residues of the incrustations of the past, more on a mental than technical level, which still they prevent them from dominating certain matches and from making the definitive leap in quality towards tenth place.

In the games to come, Genoa will still have some incentives if they can start a race on themselves without looking at the usual bell rivalry: for example, in the last four championships the rossoblùs have crossed the golden threshold of forty points only once, in 2017-2018 (41 points with four defeats in a row after the salvation obtained against Hellas Verona made famous by Pandev’s brushstroke) with the repairman Ballardini taking over the Juric II race. Finally, and not secondarily, reaching the seasonal goal well in advance would also make it possible to enhance some elements of Chiappino’s Primavera, the real Ferguson from Genoa, semi-finalist in the Italian Cup and close to the play off zone in the top flight, far from the end. So if no further maresche quarrels take place, it will only depend on Genoa to conclude the most anomalous post-war season in the best possible way.


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