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fuorisalone design week edition 2021 “painting the world with sustainability” Eventi a Milano

5 – 10 September 2021

Between talks and installations
ICA Group, One Works and Plinio il Giovane lead the audience
to discover the
multiple shades of sustainability!

At the headquarters of One Works in via Sciesa 3 in Milan

Milan, 14 July 2021 – In a September that will see Milan at the center of international attention for the beauty and culture of design with the Salone del Mobile first, and for Climate Change with the preparatory conference for COP26 then, from 5 to 10 September “PAINTING THE WORLD WITH SUSTAINABILITY” will be the event that intends to combine the characteristics of the former with the values ​​of the latter, increasingly inextricably linked.

The creators and promoters of the event that will enrich the program of the Fuorisalone Design Week Edition 2021 are ICA Group, a leading company in the production of innovative and eco-sustainable paints for wood and glass, and One Works, one of the main Italian architectural firms active at international level. . The two realities, thanks to the fundamental collaboration of a partner of excellence such as Pliny the Younger, a real institution since 1975 in the panorama of Milanese design for the creation of ecological wooden furnishings, will give life to the headquarters of One Works in via Sciesa 3 at a festival of unmissable meetings and installations and the inauguration of the first ICA Group showroom in Milan.

The event conceived to allow the public to know, interpret and measure how much sustainability can and should increasingly be the product and process philosophy at the base of each project, will be articulated in an original program of “live” and virtual talks focused on objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development promoted by the UN, whose program will soon be available on and

At the same time, it will be possible to see for the first time on display some pieces of the new ARIA collection by Plinio il Giovane, signed by the historic Milanese designer Mario Prandina and destined for the contract sector. Designed to guarantee safety and well-being, through the use of ecological materials (sustainable finishes, raw materials such as seasoned solid wood, high-tech materials), scalability, modularity and compliance with health and hygiene standards, ARIA finds its personality, beauty and sustainability in the infinite range of colors of the innovative ICA Group paints that for 50 years have brought the excellence of Italian research and production to the world.

It is on the basis of the awareness of the value that the ingenuity, the design, implementation and production capacity that Italian excellence can express together with the total communion of vision on the themes of innovation and environmental sustainability in their respective fields of action, that One Works and ICA Group will inaugurate a collaboration destined to last over time with “PAINTING THE WORLD WITH SUSTAINABILITY”. The Lifelab Discovery, the permanent showroom of the ICA Group, will be inaugurated in the One Works headquarters, conceived as a hub to give space to discussion and creative dialogue between clients, professionals in the supply chain and the public. Demonstrating that the excellence of the detailed solutions can add value to the power of the project and the culmination of the ideal path that during the event starts with talks on sustainability in the Creative Hub, goes through the installations of Pliny the Younger and then ends in the showroom. , where it will be possible to see and immerse yourself in an infinite range of colors and finishes.

Plinio il Giovane’s new project stems from the mutual stimulus and specificities that characterize ICA Group and One Works, which combined with their own in the common goal of bringing well-being and sustainability to people, along the entire project chain and in the use of the product. final in time, led to the concept of the new ARIA line.

Intended mainly for the contract sector, to help redefine crowded common areas with a high turnover of people (such as stations, airports or large commercial spaces, among the One Works project specializations), ARIA recalls in its name what we have missed most in the last months, and offers in the product what we will continue to need most: safety, durability, respect for the environment and, of course, beauty. Characteristics enhanced by the use of Iridea Bio water-based paints in a thousand colors by ICA Group, formulated with renewable waste materials that are not competitive with human nutrition and whose production in all phases is in line with the most recent green policies reducing emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and CO2 emissions. Thanks to their certified excellence and sustainability reflected in the extraordinary chemical-physical performance, these paints for furniture contribute to obtaining LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits and have obtained the Environmental Claim Validation (ECV) of UL, the world leader. in product certification.

Mario Prandina mentor and founder of the Plinio il Giovane brand, at the helm of the new creative team of young designers Francesco Ippoliti and Benedetta Di Matteo, launches a collection built on the needs due to the social changes that the pandemic has brought (distancing, hygiene, etc.) and environmental with a view to sustainable development and circular economy.

It is the first collection dedicated to the world of scalable and modular contract, conceived for both small projects and large structures and infrastructures and designed for the new needs of common spaces. The use of high-tech materials of the new generation, sustainable and recyclable, and the processing methods allow easy reuse and maintenance of the products, avoiding disposal and replacement due to wear, giving added value to the collection.
For example, the One chair, the first pilot piece of the collection, in addition to being stackable, is easy to maintain and its characteristics counteract physiological wear over time.

For information on the “PAINTING THE WORLD WITH SUSTAINABILITY” event:
One Works:
Maddalena Monti: [email protected]
Simona Vecchies, Chiara Sandonato: [email protected]
Tel. 3351245190
ICA Group:
Valentina Cesari: [email protected]
Carlo Scheggia: [email protected]
Tel. 3398775717

For information on the PLINIO IL GIOVANE CONTRACT collection:
Press Office Plinio il Giovane Via E. Cernuschi 1 [email protected]
Tel. 02.55190210 Cell. Benedetta 3452400614 – Elena 3336104483

About One Works:

One Works is a global architecture and engineering company that operates with an integrated consulting and design approach, in the areas of transport infrastructure, masterplanning, commercial real estate and public and private buildings, to shape the most complex projects. The important experience in the planning and design of crowded places, which host millions of people every year, such as airports, commercial destinations, buildings and public spaces, allows One Works to grasp the complex relationships between urban development and places of great concentration and exchange. , keeping people’s experience at the center. Founded in 2007, thanks to the more than twenty-year professional history of its Managing Partners and their international vision, One Works has grown exponentially by placing high quality design at the center of its multidisciplinary collaborations. It works from six different strategic locations around the world, with its headquarters in Milan, and offices in Venice, Rome, Dubai, London, Singapore, Chennai and Bangkok. From these operational locations, a close-knit team of over 150 architects, designers and engineers provide a flexible and reliable approach to the design and implementation of projects around the world. Among the most important works carried out are: the important expansion project of the Marco Polo airport in Venice, the CityLife square and eleven of the new metro stations between Doha and Riyadh. The studio is currently involved in the development of a large mixed-use area in Malta and the urban redevelopment project of King Abdul Aziz Road in Mecca.

Information on Pliny the Younger:

Mario Prandina, aka Pliny the Younger. All Pliny the Younger furniture is handmade one at a time, regardless of time, with natural materials and in complete respect for nature, with the aim of making this dream come true. It all began in 1975 in an atelier in the center of Milan, next to the Brera Academy, where Mario Prandina, a dreamer with his feet on the ground, in that environment of artists and designers, creates and offers the Milanese public an original collection of ecological furniture with light shapes, built with ancient interlocking methods. The Pliny the Younger brand, now very topical, is known both thanks to the countless publications in the newspapers and magazines of the sector, and for its original communication campaigns, which speak of life as a dream to do, of the world as of a place to love and of the future as a project to be realized. Pliny the Younger has created a collection that transmits his great respect for nature and the concept of safeguarding the carpentry profession in order to pass it on to new generations. Whoever buys a piece of furniture by Pliny the Younger introduces into their life not only a product, but also a way of life that is very current today, because its products have the characteristic of being able to modulate their functions according to needs. Ecology does not only mean producing furniture with natural materials, but also imagining products that, for more than thirty years, have always been functional from a stylistic and structural point of view. Pliny the Younger’s dream drawer is full of projects.

About ICA Group:
ICA is a large Italian group based in Civitanova Marche (Macerata) world leader for innovation in coatings for wood and glass, which this year celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. One of the main strategic assets of ICA Group is the culture of the highest quality through innovation, a principle that underlies every strategic initiative and decision and has characterized the group since its foundation, guaranteeing the development of cutting-edge products in terms of quality, technological content and reduced environmental impact.
The green research of the ICA group has conquered 80 different countries with over 28 million kilograms of paint produced, four production plants and more than 15 thousand customers worldwide. The rapid expansion across the border is the result of a shrewd company policy capable of conquering the most prosperous world markets and strengthening its position thanks to its direct presence in the USA, Canada, China, India, Poland, Germany and Spain.
Orienting to solutions for ICA Group means putting a proactive relationship with customers at the center of one’s business, who thus become real partners for whom to seek concrete and efficient solutions to their problems and accompanying them towards ever greater sustainability. The corporate history of the ICA group, in fact, is marked by the desire to work for a better world through research and the implementation of projects that reduce the impact of products and processes on the planet.

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