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Against the choice of the company As Roma to leave the current collective agreement and terminate the supplementary agreement. “With a communication dated May 29, 2021, the sports club As Roma informed us that with effect from July 1, 2021 it will apply the national collective labor agreement for the tertiary sector to its staff, abandoning that of the sports facilities and activities, and as from January 1, 2022 it will cease ‘application of the supplementary company contract’. This is what Carlo declared in a note Podda general secretary Slc Cgil Rome and Lazio and Fabrizio Micarelli regional secretary Slc CGIL Rome and Lazio.

«The choice that As Roma is preparing to act – the trade unionists continue – it is even more incomprehensible, if we consider that he abandons a contract that is by far a point of reference of the largest professional football clubs, with which As Roma loves to compete and while the confrontation with Lega A is still open to reach a contract for the entire professional sector of which As Roma has always been one of the major supporters up to now. About a year after the inauguration of the new Friedkin property seems to be a long way off for a new revival project – continue note – to obtain results, you need to trust and value the whole environment, no one excluded, starting with your employees. But if these are the conditions we are not there, we therefore invite the Company to go back from this unmotivated and incomprehensible choice “, conclude the trade unionists.


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