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EU Council, Italy calls for fully European management of migrants

EU Council, Italy calls for fully European management of migrants
EU Council, Italy calls for fully European management of migrants

Thursday 24 June 2021 – 17:38

EU Council, Italy calls for fully European management of migrants

Question is back on the agenda at the request of Draghi

Rome, June 24 (askanews) – The management of migrants must be “fully European”. This is what the Prime Minister Mario Draghi will ask, during the European Council which will return to address the issue at the specific request of Italy.

The issue, underline sources from Palazzo Chigi, is an integral part of the external action of the European Union, and the Italian government wants to manage it in a balanced, effective and humane way.

As Draghi recalled, management cannot only be Italian but must be fully European, with a common commitment to contain illegal immigration flows; organize legal immigration; help these countries to stabilize and find peace. We therefore need a long-term alternative, so that no country is left alone. Better control of the Union’s external border can be the basis for a broader plan that also includes the issue of relocations.

As the premier recalled yesterday in Parliament, among the countries of the Union, there is “broad convergence” on the need to overcome the Dublin Regulation conceived in a historical phase different from the current one but at the moment an obligatory solidarity towards the of first arrival through the taking in charge of those rescued at sea still remains “divisive” for the 27 Member States.

According to the Prime Minister, the Pact on Migration and Asylum proposed on 23 September 2020 by the European Commission has the merit of seeking a “change of perspective”. Common ground is emerging in the Council on several fundamental aspects, first of all on the recognition of migration routes as an integral part of the European Union’s external action.

Speaking to the Chambers yesterday, Draghi stressed the need to rapidly intensify collaboration and partnerships with countries of origin and transit, in particular with North African countries. The main objective is to avoid loss of life, but also to combat illegal departures and reduce pressure on European borders.



Council Italy calls fully European management migrants

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