The Tempio Pausania prosecutor has opened another file for rape against the student who denounced Grillo jr and three others

The Tempio Pausania prosecutor’s office – which asked for the trial of Ciro Grillo, Francesco Corsiglia, Edoardo Capitta and Vittorio Lauria – has opened another file for rape but against unknown persons. As La Verità writes today, on 24 May the prosecutor Gregorio Capasso and the prosecutor Laura Bassani opened an investigation for violence while waiting to identify the young man who allegedly abused the girl (who denounced Grillo jr and the others) a year before the lawsuit against four young Genoese. He would be the 21-year-old son of a well-known Norwegian political scientist and journalist, a former parliamentarian. “The deed signed on May 24 by the investigators reads that ‘the public prosecutor has ordered the registration of a new proceedings against unknown persons for aggravated sexual violence because’ against a person who has not turned 18 ‘and because ‘the fact is connected with another crime for which one must proceed ex officio’ ”or what happened according to the student in Sardinia and the accused deny.

The new file was opened “having regard to the declarations made” by the young woman “in the minutes of February 17, 2020, in which she reported that in May 2018 while he was camping in Norway, suffering sexual violence by a friend of his of Nicaraguan nationality ”. The investigation will probably be transferred to the Juvenile Court, because at the time the boy was not yet of age. However, the young woman had not filed a complaint. “Because I didn’t understand what had happened – he told the prosecutors – and then a little out of fear and also because he was my best friend. It seemed strange to me, I don’t know“. But the young man’s father, reached by the newspaper, says that his son “categorically denies the dispute”. Now this investigation will cross with the main investigation on what happened in July 2019 in Costa Smeralda.

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Tempio Pausania prosecutor opened file rape student denounced Grillo

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