A kilometer in the wrong direction on the A5, a truck driver fined – News

A heavy vehicle, used for the transport of goods, traveled about a kilometer in the wrong direction on the A5 Turin-Aosta-Mont Blanc motorway, near the Aosta east tollbooth. It took place on the afternoon of Wednesday 23 June. According to reports from the Police Headquarters, the driver, headed towards France, near the motorway fork between the city center and the tunnel made the wrong exit and, realizing the mistake, first reversed, then made a U-turn. “and finally he traveled about a kilometer in the wrong direction: Finally, with a” further dangerous maneuver “he resumed the correct direction of travel and the right direction. “Only the readiness of the other road users in transit at that time – the police emphasized – averted tragic consequences”. The vehicle was intercepted and blocked by the traffic police. An administrative sanction was taken against the driver (from 2046 to 8186 euros) in addition to the withdrawal of the driving license and the administrative detention of the vehicle for three months.



kilometer wrong direction truck driver fined News

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