signed a letter appeal to Draghi

signed a letter appeal to Draghi
signed a letter appeal to Draghi

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June 24, 2021 5:25 pm

Joint commitment of mayoral candidates for the city of Rome: the capital is a candidate for Expo 2030. Called to the Laudato Sì room by the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi, Carlo Calenda, Roberto Gulatieri and Enrico Michetti responded to the appeal. Quick but meaningful appointment: agreement of intentions by the four competitors who want to bring the eternal city back to the center of the stage of international events. Three events that will relaunch the capital in the coming years: the investments of the PNRR, the Jubilee of 2025, the Expo 2030.

Exactly fifteen years from the Milan Expo, “so the times are respected”, states Virginia Raggi. The mayor gave quick remarks from those present: “We signed a letter addressed to Mario Draghi formally asking that Rome be a candidate for the Exposition. There is a common will that the city can host this event ”. Carlo Calenda: “They are happy here to support a fundamental project for the capital and for Italian citizens. I welcomed Virginia’s idea with great pleasure, we are divided on the field but agree on the institutional support for a great project for Rome ”. Roberto Gualtieri: “I gladly signed this commitment, it is right to present it as a common move. Whoever wins is willing to pursue this idea, a strong and credible candidacy for the next Expo ”. Enrico Michetti: “Rome is the home of great events, it is in its history. Yesterday I had the vaccine and despite the fever I wanted to be here. Long live Rome and long live Expo “.

In the letter, relaunched in a note from the Capitol and signed by four hands in alphabetical order, we read the text addressed to the former leader of the ECB: “Expo 2030 can represent a great opportunity for the definitive relaunch of Rome as an important international metropolis, able to attract investments, propose major innovation and urban regeneration projects to the world, relaunch work and the economy of the entire country. This is why we ask the Prime Minister Mario Draghi, and the entire Government, to nominate Italy and its capital to host the Universal Exposition in 2030. We have the opportunity to combine two exceptional events such as the Jubilee of 2025 and the Expo 2030. We cannot miss an unrepeatable opportunity. And we are ready to work together to grasp it. It is necessary that the institutions and the political, social and productive forces of the country are united in order to put forward a solid candidacy, capable of presenting Italy and Rome as models for the future development of contemporary cities and societies, with a view to sustainability. and inclusion “.


signed letter appeal Draghi

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