Hot: Temperatures soaring next week | Milan news

Hot: Temperatures soaring next week | Milan news
Hot: Temperatures soaring next week | Milan news

The Milano Duomo Meteorological Observatory expects, for next week, the arrival of the African anticyclone with temperatures that could reach 37 degrees.

This is the perturbation that is affecting the regions of the center-south these days with and that only touches the north, creating instability and frequent thunderstorms. Until now, the average temperature for the month of June was 25.2 degrees, which is in any case a higher value than the reference period calculated over the thirty-year period 1991 – 2020.

The weather alert for the heat brings fragile people back to the center of attention, so much so that Senior Italia FederAnziani has already launched an appeal not to neglect these people, as unfortunately has already happened in pre-covid periods: “The virus has caused many victims among the grandparents – they made it known – but how many times in the past had superficiality, ignorance and indifference caused authentic massacres in the summer seasons? We want to say enough. It is often enough to follow simple rules of behavior, with a sense of responsibility, to avoid death ”.

Hence the revival of some rules of conduct against the heat to protect them such as, for example, not leaving the house from 12:00 to 17:00, drinking a lot and eating light meals, ventilating the environment in which you live and keeping the head sheltered from the sun. And then again wear light clothing, do not expose yourself to the sun for prolonged periods and do not stop medical therapies or drugs without first consulting your doctor.

Another fundamental indication is then not to remain inside cars parked in the sun. Closely linked to this risk is, as the news reports often recall, also the protection of animals against the heat, so much so that the National League for the Defense of Dogs has already sent a letter to the Italian mayors inviting them to raise public awareness on this issue.


Hot Temperatures soaring week Milan news

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