Former entrepreneur with citizenship income but had no rights, investigating judge orders seizure of assets

The Finance Police of Parma has seized in a preventive manner sums and jewels, including one gold and diamond necklace worth over 14 thousand euros, to a former entrepreneur from Parma, for an alleged crime of aggravated fraud against the State for having received the Basic income from May 2019 without actually having the right. According to the authorities, the man, active in the production of animal feed, was leading one incompatible lifestyle with the request for financial support.

More in-depth investigations then confirmed the habits of the man, accustomed to travel aboard luxury car which – as reported by Il Resto del Carlino – rented with contracts in the name of non-cohabiting children. For this expense item alone, from May 2019 to March 2021 he would have paid the sum of 15,200 euros, in cash or through the accounts of his family members. From what emerged, in the period of disbursement of state support, the former entrepreneur had an availability that exceeded i 200 thousand euros. Following the investigations, INPS interrupted the disbursement of the support with retroactive effect. According to the investigating judge of Parma, the former entrepreneur would have concocted one “Dense network of deceptions” with the aim of receiving income.

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entrepreneur citizenship income rights investigating judge orders seizure assets

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