THE PROJECT – Turin, Milan, Rome, Naples, from North to South a month-long journey in Italian architecture: the Open House Italia network is born

THE PROJECT – Turin, Milan, Rome, Naples, from North to South a month-long journey in Italian architecture: the Open House Italia network is born
THE PROJECT – Turin, Milan, Rome, Naples, from North to South a month-long journey in Italian architecture: the Open House Italia network is born

THE PROJECT – Turin, Milan, Rome, Naples, from North to South a month-long journey in Italian architecture: the Open House Italia network is born

The Italian network of cities of the Open House Festival was presented this morning at the Milan Triennale: starting from 18 September and until 10 October for four consecutive weekends, Turin, Milan, Rome, Naples will take the field together for a special edition of Open House, the event that will open around 700 sites and routes to the public free of charge to return to closely observe, know and celebrate a heterogeneous, multiform and constantly changing architectural heritage, among the most relevant in the world.

As stated in the conference by the directors of the four editions, after the experimentation phase that characterized last year’s edition carried out only by Milan and Naples, Open House 2021 was born from the common desire of the four metropolises to give a strong and proactive reopening signal in the a sign of sharing and knowledge that have always been the philosophy of Open House. An extraordinary opportunity to stimulate the exploration of our cities and confirm how urban space is the best place for exchange, comparison and participation for the communities and citizens who live there every day.

From this year Open House takes on the appearance of a journey through Italian architecture from North to South, crossing Turin, Milan, Rome and Naples: four cities that have histories, urban models, architectural typologies that are very different from each other, but united by an “Italian character”, that certain way of defining and living spaces that is peculiar to us. Open House Italia is a project that aims to underline the value of this unity in diversity, which constitutes the authentic wealth of our country.

Each city will carry out its event in a relay that will start with Turin on the weekend of 18 and 19 September, followed by Milan on 25 and 26 September, Rome on 2 and 3 October and, in closing, Naples on the weekend of 9 and 10 October. .

As stated by the directors of Open House Napoli Stefano Fedele and Alessandra Thomas “the four Italian cities have long been cherishing the idea of ​​establishing a deeper relationship between their events. The last year was the element that accelerated our common reflections, which found an answer in that “festival within the festival” that will be Open House Italia, a story for four voices – today four, tomorrow who knows, the network is in continuous growth – which show together their peculiarities, their diversity and together what they have in common. The event should be considered only the first step of a wider project collaboration path that aims to build an increasingly articulated and inclusive portrait of Italian city architecture. And the connection to this network constitutes in our opinion an opportunity not only for Open House Napoli, but for the city as a whole ”.

Open House Italia is also enriched by the unprecedented video-editorial project “Trame Urbane” which will see Italian authors and authors as protagonists – including writing, direction and photography – who will accompany us in an autobiographical and evocative narrative, against the backdrop of their artistic research , through the places most dear or significant to them, to add a further piece of content in the great continuous history of our cities.

Starting from September the project will start with the first 4 video interviews: the director Marco Ponti who will tell us about Turin, the writer Marco Missiroli will reveal his Milan, the photographer Francesco Zizola will reveal his gaze on Rome and with the writer Valeria Parrella we will discover an unprecedented skyline of Naples.

The numbers of Open House Italia

300,000 visits, 2,000 volunteers, 700 places and itineraries, 90,000 followers: from the suburbs to the center, from the historic to the contemporary, between public buildings and private spaces, the architecture of the cities opens up again to visitors welcoming them behind the scenes of places and paths of extraordinary interest, often inaccessible, revealed in four weekends of free guided tours.

The objectives of the Open House Italia network

Open House Italia was born as a synergistic system for the promotion of the architecture and the territory of our country with the aim of:

Networking knowledge and relationships between cities and their respective stakeholders (institutions, businesses, professionals, universities, organizations, associations, volunteers, citizens etc …) to stimulate the implementation of common projects on the most current architectural issues
Develop new curatorial projects on authors and topics common to the 4 cities, both for the enhancement of the historical and modern heritage, and as an observatory of the trends and dynamics that characterize the contemporary scenario.
Promote, enhance and communicate architecture to stimulate direct knowledge of the Italian historical-architectural heritage and involve citizens to take part in the development processes underway in the various cities.

The international Open House network

OPEN HOUSE WORDLWIDE is the international architecture festival founded in London in 1992 in London and which still takes place in 45 cities on five continents and which aims to stimulate citizens to learn about their city through direct experience of architecture and its protagonists, encouraging them to claim a central role in its design, development and care.

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