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(ANSA) – MILAN, JUN 24 – Salvini candidate for mayor in Milan for the center-right? “It would be a great political confrontation of the city’s ideas: it could be a solution. In this case I say it with absolute sincerity”. Thus the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, replied to reporters who asked him if the center-right could overcome the impasse to find the candidate for mayor in Milan by proposing the figure of the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini.

“It is clear that we have two different visions of the city, perhaps it would be an opportunity to call the Milanese to express themselves in favor of one or the other. It could be a solution”, he added on the sidelines of the press conference at the end of the mandate of the Metropolitan city. Salvini said that the candidate’s name will arrive within this week but, Sala recalls, “he said this for many weeks. The point is that Milan deserves a strong competition, I know that I may not be believed, but I’m not here to to wait not to have anyone or to have a very weak candidate, – Sala concluded -, because it is not good for Milan “. (HANDLE).


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