“Fedez said nonsense. The Vatican pays taxes, here are all the figures”

“Fedez said nonsense. The Vatican pays taxes, here are all the figures”
“Fedez said nonsense. The Vatican pays taxes, here are all the figures”

Rapper Fedez, who has publicly supported the bill for some time, also joined the controversy over the Concordat between Italy and the Holy See, with the Vatican asking the government to remodel the Zan text. The king of the summer catchphrase has launched accusations against the Vatican on the subject of real estate from his Instagram profile, which has 12.6 million followers. «Friends», the singer asked his followers with irony, «did you agree on something? Hadn’t we agreed, friends of the Vatican, that you gave us back taxes on real estate and that the European Union has estimated at five million or more? In reality it is not known, because you have lost count of the properties, you have too many ». Affirmations that do not go down to Monsignor Nunzio Galantino, president of Apsa, the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See which manages the properties of the Holy See.

What does Monsignor Galantino answer to Fedez?

«The only answer that can be given to an uninformed person is the papers, the facts. I don’t know if he does it out of ignorance or out of bad faith. There are no alternatives. In the face of statements that he cannot document, I can instead document that the Dicastery I preside over pays ”.

You have paid?

«In 2020 the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See paid 5.95 million euros for the IMU and 2.88 million euros for the IRES. To these must be added the taxes paid by the Governorate, Propaganda Fide, the Vicariate of Rome, the Italian Episcopal Conference and individual religious bodies. In 2019 we paid over 9 million and 300 thousand euros. And it’s all documented! Then if you want to go in procession with Fedez, go ahead. The problem is that someone, even knowing these things, continues to say that the Church does not pay … “

Fedez talks about billions of euros in arrears …

“Whoever says that the Vatican has evaded 5 billion IMUs from the state does not offer any data that allows us to verify this statement. From those who report the significant sum that the Vatican would have evaded, one should be told: on the basis of what law, on which properties and in reference to what period was the Vatican debt quantified? It must be reiterated that on rented properties those that have always paid off taxes are paid without discounts or reductions. In the past, the controversy was fueled because the ICI provided for the exemption for the properties of non-profit entities, fully used for socially relevant purposes (such as schools, canteens for the poor or cultural centers). It should be known that the exemption does not only concern the Church, but all religious denominations, parties, trade unions, etc. I even asked those who were aware of evasion by ecclesiastical bodies, to report them immediately to the competent authorities, assuring my support ».

Why do you think Fedez made these statements?

“You should ask him, it’s difficult to explain, I don’t even know him, I don’t know who he is, he can do whatever he wants, but whoever listens to him must know that at least on this subject he said things that, at best, He does not know. Because in the face of my words there are facts and I have the evidence to disprove it. People decide whether a document or Fedez’s word is worth more … “

The issue of Vatican buildings is fertile ground for those who want to make a controversy …

«In mid-July we will publish the balance sheet where the number of properties in Italy, abroad, etc. will be listed. and so these right-thinking people will also be served ».

Perhaps the problem is that in the past the Church did not make everything public?

“The responsibility is also ours that sometimes, at the time, we did not make good or sufficient communication …”.

Have things changed with Pope Francis now?

«We have to admit it, today I can say you said nonsense and talk about things you don’t know. Either you do it in bad faith or because you ignore it. I help you to overcome your ignorance, if you accept it or you do not accept it are your problems. Thank God, the time of silence is over! ».

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