The mea culpa of Nicola’s father: “We asked for help late”

The mea culpa of Nicola’s father: “We asked for help late”
The mea culpa of Nicola’s father: “We asked for help late”

The relief after the tension, after the fear that the worst may have happened. It seems easy to imagine how Leonardo, the father of Nicola Tanturli: all of Italy rejoiced at the news of the discovery of her child, who disappeared in the night between Monday and last Tuesday. But dad Leonardo has always had faith in his little one, even if with the passing of the 30 hours since his absence it is not unlikely that fears have grown more and more.

Nicola is a strong child, he is used to moving around in the countryside – said Leonardo in an interview with Corriere della Sera – When he saw us again he seemed calm, he only got scared when he got into the ambulance. […] Living in the countryside he is used to walking independently, but so far only for a few tens of meters. He had never gone so far. In recent times it has grown by a few centimeters, now it can reach the handle. He must have opened the door, maybe he didn’t find us and started looking for us”.

Leonardo took the opportunity to make amends in relation to rescue called 9 hours after the disappearance. “It was a mistake, I recognize that we were wrong – said the father – Sure, we were very worried, but I know the area well. My partner and I thought we could find him soon. After a few hours, as we called him and he didn’t answer, we thought he was asleep close to home, so we thought he’d wake up at dawn and find him again. Unfortunately this was not the case, at which point we called 112”.

Nicola, according to his father’s story, had gone to sleep at 6 in the afternoon after skipping his nap: sometimes, when this happens, he sleeps until the morning, but after having done various tasks, the parents only noticed his absence. at midnight when they finished the work. The first searches took place near their home, in particular near a water well: the Tanturli thought they heard their son’s voice, but then no longer, coming to think he had fallen asleep. It was at that moment that the couple began to get scared, due to the presence of wolves and wild boars nearby.

For 12 years Nicola’s family has lived in that area, surrounded by nature, producing miele. “Our children grew up here – explains Leonardo – They are used to moving on their own. Nicola wakes up early in the morning, even before his brother. Often alone he reaches us while we are in the goat pen“. In short, Nicola’s is the portrait of a completely autonomous child, despite his 21 months of age, but also the portrait of a child who is very lucky to have returned safe and sound to his parents.

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