Delta variant worries active outbreaks from Lombardy to Sardinia

Delta variant worries active outbreaks from Lombardy to Sardinia
Delta variant worries active outbreaks from Lombardy to Sardinia

The Delta variant of Covid is worrying. According to ECDC experts, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, “by the end of August it will represent 90% of the viruses in circulation in the European Union”. In Italy, the mutation of the virus, reported for the first time in India, may jeopardize the restart, with various outbreaks already identified from North to South. Yesterday Prime Minister Mario Draghi stressed that “the European and Italian economic situation is in strong improvement, but risks linked to the variants remain “and he invited to go” ahead with the vaccination campaign “. While the Undersecretary for Health Costa called for “enhancing the sequencing of the virus”.

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In Lombardy, the ‘Delta’ variant of Covid19 called ‘Indian’ is at 3.25% in June, while the sub-variant ‘K’ is at 0.8%. The councilor for Welfare Letizia Moratti said this during a press conference. “Here – he explained – we decided to sequence all the positives and in June we have the English variant as the prevalent variant (64%)”. Then, in fact, the Indian variant, like Delta at 3.25%, like Kappa at 0.8%. “These are higher numbers than last week because we decided to sequence all the positives. Vaccines are the most effective weapon,” he added.


Delta variant in Campania, outbreak in Torre del Greco. There are 44 infections, of which 32 are still positive and the others cured. Only 7 of those still positive had received the vaccine, but only the first dose. The Municipality of Torre del Greco makes it known that all the positives to the Delta variant are in non-serious conditions and under constant control of the Asl Napoli 3 Sud, competent in the Vesuvian territory. It is also “unfounded”, adds the Municipality, the news that would lead an outbreak of the Delta variant to a gym in the city of Torre del Greco, explaining that “it would be a structure of the city of Agerola and the two families involved do not belong to the municipal territory of Torrese “.


Following the outbreak that developed a few days ago in Villa Petto, a fraction of the municipality of Colledara, the ASL of Teramo performed 250 swabs throughout the territory of the fraction and part of the city of Teramo, following the so-called “contact tracing” , that is, the tracing of positives. And 11 people were infected, three of which from the Indian variant: two in Teramo and one in Colledara. For a fourth, we are waiting for a report. “We are back with force to launch an appeal to the population to get vaccinated – declares the general manager Asl, Maurizio Di Giosia -. We are worried that many are letting their guard down, while as it is It is clear that the virus continues to circulate and with new variants. Vaccinating is important for your own safety and that of others “. The Indian variant, also known as delta, is the one that is keeping the UK in check and is manifested mainly by headaches and sore throats, runny nose, as well as fever, muscle aches and exhaustion. And it has a significantly higher contagion capacity than the other variants. “The appeal – affirms the health director Maurizio Brucchi, – is also to complete the vaccination, undergoing the booster: a single dose does not protect. Recent studies indicate that vaccination provides a significant percentage of coverage also for this variant”.


Emilia Romagna worries about the tracing node. “We have contacted about 800 people to undergo the swab, but of these almost 300 have yet to show up to do so. We are activating local law enforcement to track them down because many are not found”, reports Marco Delledonne, head of the Ausl Public Health Department of Piacenza. In the city there was an outbreak of the Delta variant, the former Indian, started by two logistics companies and immediately circumscribed thanks to tracking and sequencing. “All 25 positive cases of the Delta variant – he reports – were not vaccinated, nor workers or relatives. “The 800 contacted by the Piacenza ASL have been identified as contacts of positive cases. Already this morning, Delledonne explained, the police will be activated to track down those who have not yet undergone the swab.


The presence of the Delta variant in 15 suspected swabs which, in recent days, had shown a different reaction from that typical of the Uk variant and were to the attention of the technicians of the Sassari hospital, confirmed by the laboratory of Microbiology and Virology of Sassari, who sequenced them for their identification. The results, confirms the Company, confirmed the suspicions: of these positivity 14 are linked to a single cluster, while one refers to a patient who arrived from abroad. Furthermore, after a pre-screening test on three swabs, the laboratory recorded a highly suspicious Covid positive for the Brazilian variant. For this reason, the sequencing activity has been started. The Aou of Sassari with the laboratory of Microbiology and Virology participated in the day of “national surveillance” which was announced monthly by the Higher Institute of Health to assess the incidence of variants throughout the territory.

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