Covid Italia, Draghi and the risk variants: ‘We are not all free’ / LIVE

Covid Italia, Draghi and the risk variants: ‘We are not all free’ / LIVE
Covid Italia, Draghi and the risk variants: ‘We are not all free’ / LIVE

Rome, 24 June 2021 – «Everything looks rosy again», we are about to remove the masks outdoors and the economy is also back on track, “confidence is growing”, growth will be “more sustained” than expected. But “let’s not delude ourselves”, “it is not a free all“. The danger Covid continues to loom, in the form of “variants »such as the Delta, which can “slow down the reopening program and curb consumption and investments”.

Mario Draghi he tells parliamentarians, but through them he speaks to citizens. He reports to the Chambers ahead of the next European Council. He says he is “optimistic” – but in the Senate he softens in “confident” – about the evolution of the situation. It is the newfound Europeanism, the positive note with which Draghi seasons his day spent in the classroom. But the great unknown remains Covid. Draghi repeats it several times: the virus, which takes the form of new variants, is still a very present danger. The imperative, he explains, is to avoid the mistakes of last year and not be caught unprepared for the resumption of school, with a transport system that must run at a reduced capacity because it is not well organized (“The funds are there”). And then there is the issue of vaccines: «The challenge is to look for all those over fifty years old, to look for them in the most difficult places, to try to convince them if they are against it. They are the future – and also the present – fragile ». Of course, he says, children must be vaccinated, but they are not the priority. The priority is to cover the weakest and in the meantime vaccinate the disadvantaged areas of the world, starting with the EU proposal to bring production to Africa, liberalizing it. With a controversial note: “In the last G7 there was discussion of a WHO reform, let’s see where it will lead but it is not that the uncertainties demonstrated at the beginning of the pandemic have gone unnoticed”.

Data as of June 23

It was yesterday 951 (compared to 835 the previous day) the cases of Covid found in Italy, with 198,031 molecular and rapid antigenic swabs and a positivity rate of 0.5%. There were 30 deaths with 344 patients admitted to intensive care

The Delta variant

Despite this very positive picture, the threat of the Delta variant begins to weigh. “It’s not a free all,” said the prime minister Mario Draghi. “We have to keep attention,” he added. To worry are the outbreaks reported by now in many regions and for this Draghi urged today to “proceed with the vaccination campaign with maximum intensity”. A necessary acceleration is that on vaccines because, despite the data indicate that they protect against severe forms of Covid-19 and avoid deaths, they are unable to curb infections. The virus therefore continues to circulate and in this way increases the chances that it can accumulate mutations that lead to variants capable of being transmitted even more effectively or evading vaccines.

Calcium at 25%

Meanwhile, from 22 August the football championship will be able to restart with the 25% of the audience in attendance in stadiums: the Undersecretary for Health said so, Andrea Costa, on Radio Punto Nuovo’s ‘Punto Nuovo Sport Show’. Of the championship with the stadiums open, he said again “we talked this morning with Minister Speranza and for next season I can give you the news that it will start from 22 August with 25% of the public in attendance”. Costa added that “there will be a gradual progression” and is expected to “arrive in the following weeks with a percentage increase. Next season, so it will be with the public in attendance and not less than 25%. It takes prudence, a sense of responsibility, but it has never been lacking in Italian citizens ». Finally, on the European football championships, Costa remarked: «I don’t see alternatives in London for the matches, as a European citizen, I hope that everything stays this way. It would be good for everyone that there are no complicated situations in Europe ».

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