Daniele dies instantly at the age of 21

Daniele dies instantly at the age of 21
Daniele dies instantly at the age of 21

Within hours, another victim of the road in the capital. This time to lose his life a boy of just 21 years. The dynamics are not yet clear.

Yet another tragedy on the streets of the capital. A boy of only 21 years – he reports I readDaniele Cavaterra, lost his life in a car accident while on a motorcycle. The misfortune occurred in the night between 22 and 23 June at the height of number 809 in via di Torrevecchia, in Rome. On the spot, to shed light on the dynamics of the fatal accident, the agents of the Prati Group of the local police of Roma Capitale immediately rushed to the scene and carried out the scientific surveys of the case. According to an initial reconstruction – around midnight – Daniele lost control of his Honda Cbr motorcycle, ending up in three parked cars. An impact that proved fatal for the 21-year-old he is died instantly. For the young man, unfortunately, there was nothing to do except to note his death.

On site the traffic police for the relevant findings. Now – he explains Today – an attempt will be made to reconstruct the exact dynamics of the accident and, above all, to identify the causes that made the boy lose control of his bike.
It will be important to ascertain if it was a stroke of sleep, the speed held by Daniele or if they may have affected the conditions of the asphalt. At the moment, the investigator does not rule out any hypothesis. Only two days ago to lose his life – also in the province of Rome, in Ostia – a 52-year-old policeman, Riccardo De Grandis. The man was returning home to his family on his motorcycle when he collided with a car driven by a 27-year-old girl. There was nothing for the agent to do while the woman is in hospital. The victim left behind children.

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