Crisci (Unrae) “In the Pnrr, more could be done for the automotive sector” – Il Tempo

Crisci (Unrae) “In the Pnrr, more could be done for the automotive sector” – Il Tempo
Crisci (Unrae) “In the Pnrr, more could be done for the automotive sector” – Il Tempo

ROME (ITALPRESS) – “Such an important sector could and should have been a central part of the NRP, which aims to modernize the country but also exploit the resources to restart and restore our economy. It seemed right to start from those sectors that are driving forces, such as the automotive sector ”. So Michele Crisci, president of Unrae, the National Union of Foreign Motor Vehicle Representatives, in an interview with the director of the Italpress agency, Gaspare Borsellino.
“In reality – he continued – this did not happen. There are funds destined for the automotive sector, for example the 750 million defined for the creation of fast charge and non-fast charging systems, there are also billions addressed to the replacement of the circulating fleet but we are talking about the transport of people, specifically buses or renewal for some heavy vehicles. There is not much else – he added – and we hoped to be able to have incentives instead, for example, for the replacement of the fleet of cars in a sustainable vision, perhaps on the basis of the success achieved by the ongoing incentive campaigns ” .
Crisci recalled that “the automotive world in Italy represents a fundamental pillar of the economy, of Italian taxation, of employment”. For example, “1.25 million people are employed, if we start from production and go through the entire commercial chain”. This world “from a fiscal point of view weighs about 80 billion a year as far as the state coffers are concerned”.
The ecological transition is fundamental today. “In Italy – explained Crisci – almost 40 million cars are in circulation, of which 11 million are before Euro 4. The incentives put in place by the previous government in the most dramatic period of the pandemic, as well as those approved in the budget law – he continued -, have shown that they are able to bring a spare part of the fleet in circulation on hundreds of thousands of scrapped cars, to be able to keep up a sector and to be able to have an environmental impact. All this has not been in the NRP and the hope is that there will be great attention to the refinancing of these funds immediately ”.
The president of Unrae, who is also the CEO of Volvo Car Italia, illustrated some requests made by the association. “From a fiscal point of view, we ask for great attention to be paid to the business world”, he highlighted. Among the requests, also “an adjustment in company cars as regards the deductibility of costs and the deduction of VAT”. “Today Italy – he explained – continues to remain in a situation of derogation from the wishes of the EU. We continue to be able to deduct only 40% of the VAT at the company level against 100% of the other European countries ”. Furthermore, “in Italy we continue to pay the stamp on the kilowatts expressed by the internal combustion engine” but since “we are all moving towards electrification” it would be “interesting to start basing the stamp on CO2 emissions”.
The hope is also the establishment of an automotive table. “We think that the actors around this transition – he said – should sit around a table. We are talking about the producers, the distribution chain, the institutions, all the stakeholders because it is essential to manage this transition. We cannot think that it will happen overnight: it must be managed from an incentive point of view, public awareness, from a fiscal point of view but above all in the times that sooner or later Europe will impose on us ”.


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